Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear Miss Chelsea

Have you watched Dear 16-Year-Old Me? 

Seriously, you need to watch this video. Then you need to immediately share it on Facebook, Twitter, and email it to your loved ones. It's a MUST see and a MUST share. 

I had to ask myself, what would I tell the 16-year-old Chelsea?

* You are 16, little girl. Not 25.
* Don't quit cheerleading just because you transferred schools. 
* Listen to your older sister. She has been there.
* Pay attention to that psychology teacher who believed in you enough to add you to her class a year early.
* There is no hiding your first hangover from your parents.
* Next time someone asks, "Do you ever see the sunlight?" don't feel offended. Your skin is beautiful.
* Be a kid.
* Your little sister looks up to you. Be careful.
* Those hours on ICQ and AIM leave wonderful memories; however, they don't help with you SAT score.
* Embrace the flat iron, or don't cut your hair that short. It's curly. It shrinks.
* Dump him. Life is too short to date a bully.
* Eyebrow waxing is a wonderful thing. 
* Your parents aren't the enemies.
* Don't stop running. It is the one part of PE class you're good at.
* Mental Health days end up being awesome memories. (Just don't take too many of them!)
* That girl who picks on you and puts gum in your hair? Ignore her. It isn't worth it. 
* I know the beach is fun. Enjoy it. Add sunscreen.
* Spend as much time on your homework as you do writing notes to your girlfriends.
* When a stranger tells you to go have a mole checked, go.
* Keep your childhood friends close to you. However, know that people change. Accept it without allowing it to ruin the friendship.
* Stay out of the freaking tanning bed. You knooooow it isn't good for you.
* Listen to your daddy. Stop rushing through life.
* Your pale skin and dark hair make you stand out. Embrace them.

What would YOU tell your 16-year-old self?

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