Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Something Yellow

 "I'm wearing something yellow 
for the way he changed cancer in this country from dread to hope. 
I'm wearing something yellow for everybody 
who got their chilling cancer diagnosis 
and said to themselves, "Lance did it. Why can't I?"
-Rick Reilly

I will admit something. I don't think I own one single thing that is yellow. I'm not a yellow dress type of gal. It totally washes me out. However, you can bet your bottom that I will head to the store tomorrow and purchase something yellow and wear it on Friday for Mr. Lance Armstrong.

Rick Reilly wrote an amazing article about Lance. It's so good that I can't even begin to explain it to you. You just need to read it.

Basically, Reilly is reissuing the fact that although Armstrong gave up his fight against the doping allegations, he is still an honorable man. He took his cancer diagnosis, tackled it, and then used his experience and social standing to open doors for others. He changed the cancer society. (And raised a hell of a lot of money.)

Let's honor Lance by doing something so easy--yet powerful--as wearing yellow just because we thank him for the hope he has inspired in us. Like Reilly said, "But wear something yellow Friday just to return the favor. Wear something yellow to tell Lance Armstrong that they might be able to ban him for life, but they can't ban him from life. Wear it to tell him to keep going, to keep fighting for cancer-research legislation, to keep showing people through his Livestrong foundation how to fight through the red tape and get to the treatment that can cure them."

By the way, Reilly also wrote, "When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first book she read was his "It's Not About the Bike." She was inspired. She lives. The man is a hope machine."

See....YOU need to enter MY giveaway! Win the book! (And wear yellow on Friday.)

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