Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Day I Got Called Carrie Bradshaw

...OK, so that day is never going to really happen as I just don't have enough jaw dropping fashion choices; however, during the super awesome radio interview with Dr. Dan of The Dr. Dan Radio Show out of Austin, Texas, there was a half a second where I got called Carrie Bradshaw. And I loved it.

Me as a mini-Carrie

Actually, I loved the entire conversation! It was so fun to talk to Dr. Dan Ladd, a dermatologist in Texas and his co-host Lurleen Ladd. Lurleen is actually the co-founder of The Shade Project which is an organization that has an opportunity to win $10,000 that would be applied towards providing a shady place for kids to play! I encourage you to vote EVERY day! Vote Here!!!

The radio show really was a lot of fun. I encourage you to listen to it here: http://siteadmin.talkradio1370am.com/sites/default/files/audio/chelseasegment.mp3

Listen to the radio show & vote for Lurleen all at the same time! ;-)

I'm off to the dermatologist tomorrow. I have some funky area on my back that needs to be removed! One more scar is one less mole I have to worry about!

Happy Tuesday!


Martha Hokenson said...

Good luck with your Dr. appointment! I think it's every girl's dream to be called Carrie Bradshaw, if only for half a second :)

noisy said...

I voted - what a great initiative !