Thursday, January 2, 2014

Drawing a Line

For the first year I kept this blog I accepted every single person who sent me a friend request on Facebook. Here's an obvious fact: Accepting every single person who sends you a friend request, even when you don't know them, is a bad decision, especially if you post about your private life.

So, I began to draw a line. I created my blog Facebook page, I attempted a Twitter page, and I began unfriending people I don't know in 'real' life.

I still struggle with that line because I really don't like to hurt feelings or act like I'm snubbing my Molemates. But sometimes people are not genuine, and it's really easy for people to sit behind a computer and bully others. So, the line has to remain.

In the last year I've really tried to separate myself. It's not just me anymore. There's my husband and my step son to consider. So, here's what I'm saying: I'm not trying to be mean by not accepting friend requests on my personal Facebook page. I am not turning my back on you or being a selective snob. I just truly feel that I put myself out there publicly enough with this blog, Twitter, and my blog's Facebook page, that it is OK and NEEDED to keep a little bit of my private life private. I do enjoy sharing melanoma stories via email though! I LOVE meeting fellow warriors & their families!  I just want something that is for me, Chelsea, the wife, the step-mom, the VA employee.

I hope you guys understand.

I hope your 2014 is starting out beautifully! XO!


Martha Hokenson said...

I don't think it's snobby at all. You put yourself out there to a large degree via your blog; you're allowed to keep some things private!!

Lily said...

Best wishes for 2014!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Well said Chelsea and very wise. I've just caught up on all of your recent posts.
New blessings and all things good and wonderful wished for you and yours.