Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...And I Got Blocked From The Social Network.

Tonight after I finished writing the previous post, I went to link my blog onto my "Social" page. 

"This site has been flagged for abusive material. If you think this is incorrect..."

So, I tried again...knowing there was a mistake.

"This site has been flagged for abusive material. If you think this is incorrect..."

And I try again...

"This site has been flagged for abusive material. If you think this is incorrect..."

Someone obviously had an issue with me sharing my stage III melanoma story.
          Or some immature person has a problem with ME...which in that case, why are you friends with me on this social network in the first place? 

What part is offensive?

The fact that melanoma can happen to 20 year old's,

The fact that tanning beds are probably a great indicator of why so many young people are being diagnosed instead of the 70 year old men previously known to get melanoma,

The fact that YES, IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU,

The fact that the surgeries are brutal,

...and the healing after surgery is the ugliest and most painful thing I have ever experienced,

(What, did the pictures bother you? Guess what, you cancer snob,  those scars were made by doctors trying to save my life.)

The fact that there is no "cure" for melanoma? 

The fact that advanced melanoma is terminal?

The fact that living with melanoma is my reality?

If THAT is offensive to you...

grow the hell up.


Rich McDonald said...

Good post! Don't stop telling your peers that melanoma doesn't just affect us old guys. By the way, I'm way south of 70 and was diagnosed at age 50 (which I maintain is a young age)!

mylittlemini said...

There has been nothing, nothing abusive on your blog! Your pictures are sensitive and informative, as well as serving to present the reality of the journey with melanoma. Persons who use tanning beds are playing with their lives. You have courageously taken up the cause. Keep up your work, Chelsea. You are saving lives by telling the truth about this cancer which robs so many of their lives and loved ones. You have been given the gift of healing, and your voice speaks volumes. Rev Nancy

Susi aka Sinead said...

My goodness, you were blocked for that??! Seriously! Well, everything that interferes with people's lifestyle may be considered controversial... however I'm so glad you're writing this blog to raise awareness! I'm a nurse and work with (mainly) lung cancer patients, but actually had a patient with stage 4 melanoma this week.