Monday, October 24, 2011

Life, Love, and A Whole Lot of Fun

As I mentioned in the quick post last night, I traveled home to "The Shore" this past weekend with Mr. Spots and his little boy. It was my niece's 5th birthday, my sister's 30th birthday, and the last time I would see my Pop before his upcoming surgery. Unfortunately, Pop is having surgery on the day I fly to NYC for my latest set of scans & treatment. Prayers and good juju needed for our family that week, please! We had a great weekend visiting with everyone.

My Momma, Granny, Sisters, and my niece!
Oh, and Louis!!

Mr. Spots.
It has been a difficult year on us,
but I can say, 
we are 100% stronger than we ever have been.
Take that, melanoma.

The kiddos in my life.

My sisters really are that fun.

Although the weekend passed too quickly, I truly enjoyed visiting with them. No time with family is ever enough, right? I like to share certain details about my life because I want people to remember that I am not just a girl with melanoma. I am a girl with a real--often dramatic--life. I am not miserable. I am not always depressed. I am an average 24 year old girl who has advanced melanoma. It could totally be worse. I refuse to let this cancer take the rest of my happy spirit. I will continue to have moments, nights of restless sleep, because of this cancer. However, I will not, as I am proving, stop living my life. I am too darn stubborn for that. I am a face of melanoma....

which brings me to this website:  Check it out. It's great. It is a website full of stories of people with cancer. Unlike some of the other sites I have seen, this one is uplifting. Thanks to the great girl who emailed it to me!

Oh, and for the record....

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