Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"And Yet I Still Go."

""I smoked before," she said. 
"I stopped, and I don't have lung cancer. ... 
Sun-tanning? I have skin cancer and yet I still go."

 First of all, I admit that I have very little patience with people & addictions. Most of the time when people claim that they are addicted to something bad for them I see it as an excuse for their behavior. It infuriates me when people are not strong enough to make the effort to change their lifestyles. Like pregnant mothers who claim they need to smoke...I understand your body is going through withdraws, I get it, but suck it up. The folks with drug addictions? I have more patience for...I understand your body has an actual addiction to the drug. I guess because I have basically lived a healthy lifestyle, I do not understand how people let themselves reach the point of having an addiction. I would never do cocaine out of fear of my mother. Lord. Anyway, because I am unsure if "tanorexia" really exists or if it is simply an excuse people use to explain why they must go to the tanning bed despite the risks, I have very little patience for this story.

Here is this fair skinned red head who is the typical melanoma patient. You can see how burnt she is in the video. If she had walked into my first oncologist's office, Dr. Bad Mustache, he would have said, "Huh. You look like a stereotype." She has had skin cancer 5 times. The article states, "Greenberg, 40, said she was cancer-free, even though doctors last month had found a recurring site for malignant melanoma." Recurring site for malignant melanoma but yet she still goes tanning?!! Honestly, I think this woman has a serious case of denial. It concerns me! When will reality hit her? Will it hit her when they tell her she has lung mets, brain mets, or liver mets? I absolutely cannot imagine the frustration her doctors must feel. (It is safe to say that I would not be nearly patient or understanding enough to be allowed near this woman without tears & anger.)

It is a fault of mine. When someone behaves like this, I have a very hard time feeling sympathy for them. I want to introduce her to Tina's blog and family. Tina, who fought so hard and still left behind a beautiful daughter and family. I want to introduce her to my melanoma warriors who have had to quit jobs, put their lives on hold, and constantly worry about the next scan result. It seems like to this woman, melanoma is just skin cancer. This frustrates me because it goes against everything I am trying to prove. It makes me wonder if an 18 year old girl watched this episode on ABC, would she notice the obvious denial issues or will she assume since this woman has had 5 experiences with skin cancer and she is still around to tell her story, tanning is not that bad. Is that the message we want to send?

I sincerely hope someone is able to get through to this woman before it is too late.


Sidenote--Thank you to the author of & the 2 anonymous people who have helped me begin my fundraiser for AIM! I truly appreciate it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

AIM for a CURE Melanoma Walks

Sponsor CHELSEA PRICE in AIM for a CURE Melanoma Walks

I have decided to participate in the Charlotte, NC walk in November! I am participating in honor of ALL melanoma warriors. Since being diagnosed in January 2011, I have met so many incredible people through Facebook, the forums, etc. I will be walking in honor of all of us.

If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link above.

Again, I thank you all for your continued support in my fight against melanoma. XOXO!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

"Even if it is just a category one,
a huge, huge impact is expected."
 ~The Weather Channel

I know, I know. If you are from Florida or somewhere used to experiecing hurricanes you will think us folks on the East Coast are being dramatic in our preparations for Hurricane Irene. However, if you suddenly got hit with a minor snow storm, I am sure you would be in a panic as well. Anywho.

Since the Eastern Shore lacks a news channel that actually mentions us often in their coverage, I wanted to use this blog to post links for people in Accomack County to view.

Mandatory Evacuation for Accomack County

A List of Available Shelters

Live Radar of the Eastern Shore

Don't forget to buy plenty of water, food, batteries, gas up your car, and get CASH! Remember, we tend to lose power during a minor thunderstorm. Because of that, expect to lose power. Y'all know we flood easily. Prepare for it. Move your cars to higher land. If you are being advised to evacuate, do so. Don't make more work for the emergency departments than necessary. Oh, and please do not forget about your furry friends! They need protection too.

Right now it looks like Hurricane Irene will have surge & wave threats 4-8 feet above ground level on Delmarva. Let's be safe.

Hopefully Irene will just go out to sea & we will have an uneventful weekend. Positive thoughts! ;-)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking News

I ate my first SOLID meal today in 13 days! No jello, no chicken broth, no "just fluid" diet. I actually ate! It was the best bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich I have ever had in my life. Thanks Dr. Mom! She has been absolutely wonderful these past two weeks. Now that I am eating again, I am starving. I was not trying to diet, but lordy, I have lost some weight. My eyes are so sunken in from being exhausted and dehydrated...I officially look like a sick girl.

As most of you know, we experienced a earthquake on Tuesday. I was sitting in the recliner, feeling like crap, when all of a sudden I felt something. The first time I assumed that they had shot off a rocket over at Wallops Island. The second time I started yelling for Mom to grab the picture hanging behind the flat screen TV. Very cool...but creepy.

NOW we are preparing for Hurricane Irene! We are located on the Delmarva Peninsula. Most TV channels leave our peninsula off the maps of Virginia, so here is a picture.

We are located on the peninsula on the right side of the map where it shows
"13." My house is about an hour and a half from Virginia Beach and 35 minutes
from Ocean City, Maryland.

They just said on The Weather Channel that Irene will be a category 2 when it hits the Delmarva Peninsula. They are calling for strong winds, extreme flooding, and loss of power. I normally ignore the panic that news channels try to make us feel, but there's no denying that we are in for quite a storm. Most of my family lives on Chincoteague Island, Virginia, which is about ten minutes from my house. They are all evacuating by Saturday. Please pray for their homes and boats. My father is a waterman and I know he has his hands full trying to prepare. We are all in a bit of a hurry to bring in our outside furniture, prepare the pools, etc.

An earthquake and a hurricane in one week? Mother Nature is not happy with us!

I hope everyone stays safe!

Once I get my strength back, I will be back to blogging more often. Thoughts & prayers to everyone who will be experiencing the unpredictable weather this weekend. Prepare!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Still Here....

Just a quick HELLO to tell you all I'm still kicking. I've been stuck in bed with some serious I-Don't-Feel-Good symptoms. Note to other people who get a severe stomach bug/side effects: Do not let yourself get dehydrated! It makes things 100000 times worse.

Thanks to all of you who have emailed and called to see why I have been MIA. I'll be back soon...Promise.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Introducing Zelboraf

I know I have been slacking in the blogging department. I have been under the weather this week...Thank you to everyone who sent me the GREAT news about FDA approving Zelboraf (formally known as vemurafenib.) It is VERY exciting for people in Hotel Melanoma. It seems so crazy that in January--just 7 months ago--there was only one drug available. Now we have 3! I hope progress continues!

To read the article posted on FDA's website, click here.

An article posted here shares what Dr. Anna Pavlick, director of the NYU Melanoma Program at the NYU Cancer Institute, New York City, said in a University statement. "The approval of Zelboraf will make a significant impact on the survival and outcomes of advanced melanoma patients, Pavlick added. Patients taking the drug Zelboraf were 63 percent less likely to die from advanced melanoma than patients given standard chemotherapy alone, she noted."

Of course this drug will not work for everyone, but this is a great thing for the melanoma world. I have had the opportunity to casually get to know a young mother who has been taking this drug in a clinical trial and she is doing SO well. It is amazing to hear and see her enjoying life with her children thanks to this drug. She is an inspiration to me.

I always wonder who decides on the names of these drugs? Why must they sound so...complicated? ;-)

Happy Thursday, friends.

(Sorry about my slacking. I'll be back to normal soon. XOXO.)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tans ARE Tacky

Hi friends. I have been pretty ill since yesterday, not much energy for an update. I just wanted to post a link to this article that was first posted in 2008. It was republished recently.

Tan Is The New Tacky

The author, Verena von Pfetten, makes a pretty good argument...Let's put our health concerns aside for a minute. Fashion wise, tans are SO out. Look at the models, the people we see on, the singers your children look up to. (Hello Taylor Swift! She is super pale! Perfect!)  Unless "tan" is part of their natural skin tone, you do not see it on the Most Beautiful creatures. (Read another great article about this here.) I think, for the sake of fashion--because that is the only way some folks will pay attention--we need to retire the fake and bake lifestyle.

So, c'mon friends, "say it with me, people: Tans are Tacky!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Common Diagnosis.

There was a time when I did not know anyone with cancer. Sure, I saw heartbreaking stories on Extreme Home Makeover and on the news, but I never knew anyone who had directly been attacked by the unpredictability of cancer. Now I feel like every way I turn someone else I know is learning that it is their time to face the unknown. That is what I see cancer as being: the unknown. Yes, we have a standard guideline with most cancers, certain procedures that are known to make a difference, but there is not a true least not in my mind. Most people who are cured from cancer are cured from trial and error. They attempt the procedures that have been known to help others, but the procedures and treatments vary from person to person. Will we see a day when there is a shot we receive at a particular age that can save us from joining The Cancer Society? I hope so. I am becoming frustrated and sad how "cancer" is becoming a common diagnosis.

In the past week I have learned of a sweet college friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She will lose both breasts & have to go through 8 chemo sessions. She has a newborn baby at home...This should be an exciting time in her life. Did I mention she is only 25? She has a wonderful attitude though. I know it will take her far. (By the way, my melanoma friends who have reached out to this young girl? I know your support and prayers mean the world to her. I am proud to call you all my friends.)

Another sweet college friend has had a year that has been filled chemo suites, lab tests, and funerals. She was a cheerleader for BOTH of her parents. She had to bury her father this past week...This beautiful girl lost her mother AND father to cancer in less than a year. How much is one person supposed to be able to handle? Still, this incredibly strong girl keeps a positive attitude. I hope she finds peace & the ability to rest. I know she has to be emotionally and physically exhausted.

Last week was a bit ironic for me. On August 5, 2001 I lost my Grand Father to lung cancer. He was an intelligent man who had an addiction to his smokes. It cost him his life. On August 5, 2011, 10 years after lost my Grand Daddy, I received the "all clear" from my evidence of melanoma. I am not a super religious person. I have my beliefs, but I have plenty of questions; however, it does seem a bit ironic to me that I received such great news on a day when my family was especially mourning the loss of a special man. I will believe Grand Daddy had something to do with it.

When you find yourself hearing about a cancer research fundraiser, a fundraiser for someone living with cancer, etc, please consider participating. Not only is cancer a scary diagnosis, it is expensive. Donate to your local Relay for Life. Support your local hospital. If you cannot donate money, please consider donating your time...or your hair.

Every little bit helps.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is Tanning Addictive?

There have been numerous articles released lately discussing studies that find tanning to be addictive. The NY Times published an article that says "The brains of frequent tanners may be similar to those of addicts" (Read Article Here)

I am not nearly qualified enough to make a true opinion. I have not read the study myself, I have only read an article here and there about it. My opinion is exactly that--my opinion. I do not believe I was addicted to the tanning bed, but I truly desired to look attractive. In my head, pre-melanoma (obviously) I thought to be pretty, one must be tan. I spent my days out sun bathing. In the winter, I hit up the local tanning salon before big functions or vacations. I thought that if my skin was brown, I would be pretty. I saw it not as an addiction, but as a responsibility. It was simple maintenance. That maintenance allowed me to feel pretty. 

With my friend Ashley in St. John, USVI
I tanned--I think we both did--before this trip.
You know, because I "did not want to burn."

Thinking back on my tanning days makes me a bit sad. I feel so silly for subjecting myself to something that could cause unnecessary damage. I also remember how much I actually hated the process of tanning. I hated to go to the salon because it seemed like the girls who worked there were always snobby and rude. I hated the way my skin would smell following a session. It was not the smell of the tanning lotion that bothered me, it was the slight scent of burning skin. (Yes...I don't know why that did not stop me either.) I hated that I had to time my tanning bed sessions to the time of day when I could run back to my apartment and shower afterwards. It all seemed like so much work. It was not a relaxing thing for me but a "necessary" thing IF I wanted to be tan in the middle of winter.

Some could argue that this is an addiction itself. I mean, think about all the girls and their eating disorders...Why do they have those disorders? They want to feel attractive. Every single person in the world could tell them they are beautiful and thin enough, but until they feel that way, they will continue doing the very thing that can kill them. Maybe tanning is like that for people. Their desire to be "beautiful" outweighs their desire to be healthy.

We all have our vices, I know. I can only criticize the girls who say "if I have to die of cancer, let it be skin cancer" so much. I used to be that girl.  I just hope they learn before it is too late.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Big C

Ever since I was diagnosed with melanoma in January, people have asked me if I watch the Showtime series the big C. Assuming it was going to add to my sadness, I avoided the show. I did not want yet another thing to make this experience more real than it already is. When I saw some of my melanoma buddies discussing the series on Facebook, I decided it was time to check it out.

First of all, if you do not have a dark sense of humor, you will not like this show.

I, of course, love it.

The very first episode shows Kathy, actress Laura Linney, discussing her stage IV melanoma diagnosis with her oncologist (who Kathy refers to ask her dermatologist at first. Denial?)  Dr. Todd hands Kathy a brochure, she says, "What's this?" He tells her that it's an alternative treatment for melanoma. She blurts out, "Crap. I thought it was a cure." While laughing, I thought to myself, man...don't we all!

I have only watched three episodes so far, so I don't know too much about the show itself, but I am falling in love with the characters. You have Kathy, who although she refuses to tell her family about her condition, realizes that she does not have a long life ahead of her. What does she do? Everything she wants to do! She goes a bit over the top....She attempts to build a pool in her front yard without permits, she cashes in her 401 because she knows she will not be alive to use it at age 65, she buys a brand new Mustang, she makes friends with her grumpy neighbor, and she is followed around by a dog who "smells cancer." Apparently Marleen's, the grumpy neighbor, husband had cancer and the dog would follow him around as well. When Marleen learns that the dog is attached to Kathy, she asks what kind of cancer Kathy has. Caught off guard, Kathy tells her. Marleen says, "Cancer is a mother fu*k*r." Well, yes, Marleen, it is! Then there is Kathy's homeless brother who is determined to save the world. He is endearing.... Kathy's son is a normal teenage boy who thinks his mother is literally bat-shit-crazy. Kathy's husband is the immature, messy, but sweet man who loves his wife. I am still in the very beginning of the series so I am curious to see how the characters grow!

I realize that some people probably find this show ridiculous...Kathy goes way over the top in her actions, but don't we all go a little crazy sometimes? I love that the writer of the show picked melanoma as the cancer since not that many people realize how serious it can be. I love that the show can make me laugh in ways that could cause a cancer free person to think I am a bit of a nut myself!  I love that I find myself relating to a lot of Kathy's emotions...

But boy...I sure am jealous over her super cute Dr. Todd! I think we should all have one.

Back to watching the show! XO!

*I watched more of the show last night. Kathy has found her desire to fight! This makes me extremely happy...Because melanoma is so tricky, she has limited options. (Obviously this show began before Yervoy and other medicines were available.) Because Kathy has had no previous treatment, she is no eligible for any of the available clinical trials. This hit VERY close to home. You can be sick but not sick enough for certain trials. Watching Kathy cry when she hears that she was rejected from a clinical trial was hard. I remember having a very similar reaction.

I have heard people complain that the show is not realistic enough, it does not show the scans, the blood work, etc. For me, that is OK because I know first hand what a cancer diagnosis consists of. I think if I saw it played out on the big screen, it would hit too close to home. I have lived the real life version...For now, I am enjoying the humor in the show, the relationships between the characters, and I am enjoying watching Kathy find her desire to fight.

Watch it! Don't give up after the first few episodes. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tanning While Pregnant? I Sincerely Hope Not.

It is a beautiful Monday afternoon, I am sitting here trying to feel a little less horrible when I decide to check the traffic that has been coming to my blog. I am always curious who links my blog, etc. I like to thank these people and check out what was said. Call me Curious Chelsea. The second website to bring me the most traffic today is a pregnancy forum. Obviously, I thought this was a bit odd, so I decided to check out the website.

Lordy, blog friends, after I finished reading the post, I saw red. Fury! 

Let me highlight some of the main points:

* The post is titled, "Anyone actually tanning?"
* It is written by a woman who is 28 weeks pregnant. 
* The woman is craving to go to the tanning bed because she has quit tanning & smoking and it has increased her stress level. 
* She says she is aware of the risks, is not looking for a lecture, and has no interest in using spray tans or lotions. 
* She writes, "I want to go SOOO bad"

She understands there are risks. She has clearly put some thought into it. Here are her lists of risks involved in hitting up a tanning salon while pregnant:

Im aware of the risks:
1) to make sure you dont over heat and your body temp doesnt go over 102. (By law tanning beds cant go over 100 degrees, and every tanning bed ive ever been always have fans to help keep cool.)
2) that during pregnancy skin is extra sensitive, (there for i would never go the max time and start with just a few minutes)
3) that UV rays *could* break down folic acid, (i could take one flinstone vitamin along with normal prenatals)
4) and the normal tanning risks reguardless of being prego, premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer

Before I totally lost my marbles, I read what the other pregnant ladies had to say.

* Some flat out posted "No. Not worth the risks."

* Another wrote "::Stepping out of this post::"

* Others advised the (I'm assuming here...) young mother to sit outside instead. It is summertime after all.

* One questioned, "Do they even let you get in the tanning bed while pregnant? Seems like that would not be an option." (Unfortunately, there are no laws...Just like a pregnant woman can order a margarita or a pack of smokes. I, as a past waitress, would refuse to serve her. But that's just me.)

* Even the tanning bed lovers advised the girl to wait until after her pregnancy!

* A father posted that he thought it was wrong that people would suggest the girl sit outside in the 100 degree sunshine rather than hang out in a tanning bed for a few minutes. Because, after all, his girlfriend used a tanning bed until she was 18 weeks and their child is A-OK. (Resisting urge to climb through computer & punch him.....)

* My favorite response: "something has got to kill me sooner or later might as well be melanoma..." (I'm not even GOING there.)

*Some wonderful woman posted the story about our beautiful melanoma angel, Tina. (I think it's Tina anyway...It sounds very familiar!)  She wrote, "You girls are having babies now that are relying on you and you should want to take care of your body as much as you can so you can continue being there for them as long as possible.   There are certain diseases and illnesses that are very much out of our control, but skin cancer is one that you can help to prevent, so why wouldn't you?"

*That same woman posted a link to my blog post showing this post. (Thank you! I hope it helps!)

* Another person posted, "Go outside FFS. If its too hot, just suck it up and accept that you won't be tanned for a while. We're all giving things up for the health of our babies and ourselves. I can't imagine the kind of life you must have to get stressed over not tanning in a tanning bed."

Of course the responses went on and on, but I wanted to share a few of the main ones with you. I am just going to assume that most pregnant women have bigger worries than being tan. Am I right? How could someone be so selfish as to bring so many risks upon her unborn child? 

I could bring medical reasons why I believe tanning while pregnant is wrong, but I am going to end this post with this:

I hope someone gets through to this woman. If she wants to risk her own life for a "healthy glow" that is fine. We are JUST now finding out the true dangers of tanning beds. Who in the hell knows what damage tanning beds could do to unborn children? I mean, hello, you aren't even supposed to take a newborn out in direct sunlight! So, I will say this again, at least protect your children....

At. Least. Protect. Your. Children.


Celebration.........On Hold.

I would love to tell you all that I did something fantastic with my weekend. You know, a celebration with friends, a party with rockstars, whatever. Instead, I was m.i.s.e.r.a.b.l.e. I mentioned in a post the other day that I was experiencing tummy issues Thursday. Boy, either I caught one heck of a stomach bug, the contrast from the CT scans really upset my stomach, or ipi side effects are hitting me in full force.

I spent all weekend either asleep, laying on the couch, or in the bathroom. Sounds fun, huh? It was not exactly the celebration I had in mind...That is for sure.

I am feeling a little bit better today. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal.

Fingers crossed!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I told myself I was going to take a few days off from blogging, but I was reading another blog called The Entertaining House when I came across this picture she posted. I had to share with you all.

Appropriate, yes?

(And, of course, now I have to read this book....)

Friday, August 5, 2011




(Image found on Pinterest)

The thoughts, the prayers, the well wishes, and the hope you all give me makes me so very grateful. Thank you for your continued support in my fight against melanoma. It means the world to me.

Now...I am going to hibernate. I need rest! 

Melanoma Family

Next time you find yourself heading to an imaging center for scans, bring a friend. It makes the seriousness of the appointment less scary, it makes the drink less disgusting, and it makes you laugh!

This is my friend Julie, a fellow melanoma warrior. Although we have been sharing our lives through text messages, emails, and facebook, we had never met in person. Today Julie ran up to me like I was her long lost sister. There is a remarkable bond that forms between people going through this craziness called Cancer. We shared our latest adventures, made fun of ourselves, and laughed. I think it is safe to say that we both needed each other today. Love you, Julie! (And your Mom & Boyfriend! Poor guy didn't get to get two words into the conversation thanks to us ladies!)

 When the very cute technician requested I take another sip of my scan juice, I gave him an evil look. He said, "I know...People always look at me like that!" I said, "Well, if they would make it a tiny less disgusting, maybe we wouldn't all be tempted to puke every time we drink it." He said, "If it tasted good, you wouldn't be in a hospital..." I simply said, "None of us want to be in a hospital." He was very sweet though....Even if he did make me take TWO more sips of that nasty juice.

I am not feeling very strong tonight. I have some stuff in my personal life causing my heartache (surprise, surprise, right?) and my stomach is VERY unhappy today. If it does not get better, I have a feeling I will spend most of the night in the bathroom. Oh, the joys of scan days....

I hate the feeling of fear around scan time. I get very jumpy, bitter, and sad. I would admit to being extremely selfish around this time, too. I am just scared.............I know that I need to be brave & think positive thoughts, but it. is. hard.

Instead of fighting the fear, beating myself up, I am letting myself give in to this fear. Tomorrow I will put on my happy face, positive smile, and go face the day.

I will post the results tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blast From the Past

 Y'all know I have never denied my past tanning bed use. In fact, I blame the tanning bed for putting me in this rather unfortunate predicament. Yes, I got sunburns growing up, but never anything major. I have no history of melanoma, I have dark hair, dark eyes, but I am fair skinned. Despite my infrequent use of the tanning bed, lack of family history, and lack of realllllly bad sunburns, I was diagnosed with stage III melanoma at the 23.

So, I guess you can see why I have a problem with someone arguing with me about how healthy tanning beds are for you. (She actually said, " EVERYTHING is dangerous days, even fruits and vegetables you have to be realistic!") You know, because they clear your skin, give you a nice glow, and give you a great source of vitamin D. Instead of arguing back with her, I sent her to my blog. Let's bet she didn't click the link....

 This interaction got me thinking about my past...back when I thought skin cancer was "just" skin cancer. I was the girl who believed everyone looked prettier with a tan. Oh, how that makes me cringe now. Last week the lovely woman from The Skin Cancer Foundation requested pictures of me during my tanning bed days. I thought I would show them and compare them to my new life....

Here I am in 2008 in St. John, USVI.
This is a pretty typical picture for me
prior to melanoma.
Relaxing on the beach
Relaxing before my full lymph node dissection
on the right side of neck & under left arm.

I'd much rather be on the beach, covered in sunscreen, under an umbrella,
and be SAFE.

Nothing like a white shirt to make a tan look darker.
I'm cringing as I look at this.

Wearing a similar white shirt while
hanging out during my 4th session
in the chemo suite

Before I worried about people staring at 
the sides of my neck...


 Crying in a Food Lion parking lot
when I was asked by a stranger
about the scars on my neck.

From feeding my baby niece...


finding out that the little mole located
on the left side of my back
will be the thing
that could possibly 
prevent me from watching her grow up.
(Pssh. I am going to continue to kick melanoma's ass
but STILL! We're sharing fears here.) 

So, yeah...Please excuse me for thinking that tanning beds are the opposite of healthy for you. I learned the hard way, I truly realize that. In fact, I will be the first to admit that I learned the hard way. That is why I try like hell to educate others. I share my pictures so people can see just how tough melanoma can be if not detected early. Lance Armstrong writes in his book It's Not About the Bike, "I wanted this picture so that when I got better, I would never forget how sick I've been, You have to fight." Good ol' Lance is right. Now that I am currently showing No Evidence of Disease, these pictures are reminders that melanoma wasn't some fluke thing I had to tackle. It changed every aspect of my life. Every. Aspect. Of. My. Life. 

Don't learn the hard way...If you can at least try to prevent something that can ruin your life, shouldn't you take advantage of that? 

And my goodness, if you can't get over the "ugliness" of being pale, at least use spray tans. 

Try to avoid this place: Hotel Melanoma.

Scan Week...

...means it is impossible for me to relax.

Even though I have no reason to be concerned about my upcoming scans, all of my blood work has looked good, etc, I still have anxiety about Thursday. My life is just now falling back into place. I am finally reaching a point where I will not visit with the vampires every 3 weeks, I can avoid anything in a lab coat for 3 months, I feel healthy! I do not want to lose that new relief.

If you ever meet a cancer patient who does not experience scanxiety, send them my way! I need to learn their relaxation strategies. I am participating in positive thinking & all of that jazz, but when bedtime rolls around, my body refuses to relax. I do get to read quite a lot of books during Scan Week...although if you asked me to tell you the minor points of the book, I could not. I tend to reread the books when I am able to focus.

I originally had the interview with The Skin Cancer Foundation today at 4 pm; however, that has been rescheduled to next Monday. The change in schedule actually works better for me since my office was broken into this morning..............People these days!

Anyway, I have to go clean up after these a-holes that trashed this place. I just wanted to post a quick hello to everyone and update them on the interview schedule.

I hope you all are having a better day than I am! ;-)