Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tanning is the New Trashy?

Mr. Spots and I were out enjoying an adult beverage and listening to a local band Friday night when he made the offhand comment that he could almost smell the burned skin in the bar. There were that many tan females who had worked hard on baking their flesh. Like in any bar scene, there was a mix of people. You had your couples enjoying a night on the town, your girls wanting to find Mr. Right (or right now?), and you have your cool guys wanting to be Mr. Right (Now). Looking around the room, the tannest chicks were also the girls who were trying the hardest to be noticed. I'm talking booty shorts, backless shirts, and F.M. shoes. (I will not translate that if you are unaware of the terminology.) It made it hard for me to relax because I kept judging their skin and becoming angry. Why is it "hot" for them to look like Snooki before pregnancy whereas because of embracing my natural skin tone, I get asked, "Have you been outside lately?" Do people really believe the Tan Mom appearance actually looks good? (This is not an exaggeration. Ask Mr. Spots.)

Is tan skin really considered to be the most beautiful even today or is the fake tan becoming a less than classy accessory?

Let me compare a few famous faces.










I could make this list last forever; however, I think my point has been made. Being tan used to indicate wealth and class. I am beginning to wonder if that has already changed. Is the fake & bake tan slowly going out of style?

Health reasons aside, is being tan really that beautiful compared to our natural glow?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let it Be

I can hardly believe that in 2 weeks from today I will be back in New York City for my next round of scans and treatment. My months of freedom just fly by! As always, scanxiety is starting to hit. How am I focusing this nervous energy? Well, I have been writing for Everyday Health, I have been working my butt off at my office job, I have been attending yoga once a week (Love it!) and I have been going to the gym. Needless to say, I sleep well at night out of pure exhaustion.

I know I can't change or predict what the scans will show. I can only wish, hope, and pray that life will continue on as it has been going. Like Jason Mraz sings, I can't worry my life away.

I hope you are all doing well. Were you wearing your sunscreen in the hot weather today?! I sure hope so!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Use Sunscreen

I am having a very busy work schedule, but I wanted to share this article with you that discusses Meghan Rothschild from the Dear 16-year-old Me video. http://businesswest.com/2012/06/her-place-in-the-sun

My favorite quotes from the article: 

"But she said it was the reaction of her friends, all her same age and who didn’t seem fazed by the skin-cancer diagnosis as a result of her years of weekly tanning, that most alarmed her. “It wasn’t like I had breast cancer or ovarian cancer,” she recalled. “I think there just wasn’t that link that it can go inside your body and become deadly.”
Haven't we all felt this way? We have to stress to people that melanoma is not just skin cancer.

“I think that, eventually, the tanning booth will be the cigarette of our generation."

I encourage you to read the entire article. It's a good one. It's all about sharing melanoma awareness!

I'm too sleepy to write anymore. 

Night, friends! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Big Things Are Happening!

Did y'all hear the news? Chicago teens will no longer be allowed to use tanning beds! Read all about it here. I want to give a big shout-out to my molemate, Donna, for her help in putting a face to melanoma. You are a reason why this was passed! You go, girl!

Quebec also passed the NO tanning beds for minors as well! Way to go! Tanning salons must be fearing skin cancer awareness folks...big things are happening. Lives are being saved.

Speaking of tanning beds, have you seen the pictures all over the internet of the Tan Mom before she became the leather mess that she is today? She was such a pretty lady. What a shame.

I have something good to say about Dr. Oz for a change. He did a little video for Perez Hilton promoting sunscreen. It would be nice to see him discuss this in greater detail on his show.

I hope everyone is having a decent week. I know my friends Lynette and Michelle are having good days--they both received clear scans! YES!

Protect your skin. XO!