Monday, August 8, 2011

Tanning While Pregnant? I Sincerely Hope Not.

It is a beautiful Monday afternoon, I am sitting here trying to feel a little less horrible when I decide to check the traffic that has been coming to my blog. I am always curious who links my blog, etc. I like to thank these people and check out what was said. Call me Curious Chelsea. The second website to bring me the most traffic today is a pregnancy forum. Obviously, I thought this was a bit odd, so I decided to check out the website.

Lordy, blog friends, after I finished reading the post, I saw red. Fury! 

Let me highlight some of the main points:

* The post is titled, "Anyone actually tanning?"
* It is written by a woman who is 28 weeks pregnant. 
* The woman is craving to go to the tanning bed because she has quit tanning & smoking and it has increased her stress level. 
* She says she is aware of the risks, is not looking for a lecture, and has no interest in using spray tans or lotions. 
* She writes, "I want to go SOOO bad"

She understands there are risks. She has clearly put some thought into it. Here are her lists of risks involved in hitting up a tanning salon while pregnant:

Im aware of the risks:
1) to make sure you dont over heat and your body temp doesnt go over 102. (By law tanning beds cant go over 100 degrees, and every tanning bed ive ever been always have fans to help keep cool.)
2) that during pregnancy skin is extra sensitive, (there for i would never go the max time and start with just a few minutes)
3) that UV rays *could* break down folic acid, (i could take one flinstone vitamin along with normal prenatals)
4) and the normal tanning risks reguardless of being prego, premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer

Before I totally lost my marbles, I read what the other pregnant ladies had to say.

* Some flat out posted "No. Not worth the risks."

* Another wrote "::Stepping out of this post::"

* Others advised the (I'm assuming here...) young mother to sit outside instead. It is summertime after all.

* One questioned, "Do they even let you get in the tanning bed while pregnant? Seems like that would not be an option." (Unfortunately, there are no laws...Just like a pregnant woman can order a margarita or a pack of smokes. I, as a past waitress, would refuse to serve her. But that's just me.)

* Even the tanning bed lovers advised the girl to wait until after her pregnancy!

* A father posted that he thought it was wrong that people would suggest the girl sit outside in the 100 degree sunshine rather than hang out in a tanning bed for a few minutes. Because, after all, his girlfriend used a tanning bed until she was 18 weeks and their child is A-OK. (Resisting urge to climb through computer & punch him.....)

* My favorite response: "something has got to kill me sooner or later might as well be melanoma..." (I'm not even GOING there.)

*Some wonderful woman posted the story about our beautiful melanoma angel, Tina. (I think it's Tina anyway...It sounds very familiar!)  She wrote, "You girls are having babies now that are relying on you and you should want to take care of your body as much as you can so you can continue being there for them as long as possible.   There are certain diseases and illnesses that are very much out of our control, but skin cancer is one that you can help to prevent, so why wouldn't you?"

*That same woman posted a link to my blog post showing this post. (Thank you! I hope it helps!)

* Another person posted, "Go outside FFS. If its too hot, just suck it up and accept that you won't be tanned for a while. We're all giving things up for the health of our babies and ourselves. I can't imagine the kind of life you must have to get stressed over not tanning in a tanning bed."

Of course the responses went on and on, but I wanted to share a few of the main ones with you. I am just going to assume that most pregnant women have bigger worries than being tan. Am I right? How could someone be so selfish as to bring so many risks upon her unborn child? 

I could bring medical reasons why I believe tanning while pregnant is wrong, but I am going to end this post with this:

I hope someone gets through to this woman. If she wants to risk her own life for a "healthy glow" that is fine. We are JUST now finding out the true dangers of tanning beds. Who in the hell knows what damage tanning beds could do to unborn children? I mean, hello, you aren't even supposed to take a newborn out in direct sunlight! So, I will say this again, at least protect your children....

At. Least. Protect. Your. Children.



Becca said...

I will never cease to be amazed at the stupidity and selfishness of some people. I wish I could wear a shirt every day that would show ALL my scars. I want to be a walking advertisement for Melanoma Awareness.
And I'm one of the people that are infertile and was never blessed with having a child, and yet these idiots are given a gift that someone like me would love to have. But they DON'T DESERVE IT.

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

I have melanoma because I grew up in the 60's and no one knew how bad tanning was, I stopped in 1989; these people have no excuse. And while pregnant? I agree with Chelsea, it's not worth it!! What is wrong with them.

Sarah said...

Hi Chelsea
My friend just had a baby and a few weeks ago, her and her large pregnant belly decided to put the name of her daughter in stickers, strategically placed on her stomach, in order to tan the name into her stomach to take a nice when she pulled off the letters, her then burnt belly displayed the name so nicely. I thought she was crazy, but everyone thought it was so beautiful....what is wrong with people!!!