Tuesday, March 13, 2012

R(R)andom Opportunities.

So, I am sticking to my goal of working out and trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Week 2 of the gym has begun and this week I have a work out partner: My Mr. Spots! Although it was a learning experience for me to go to the gym by myself, I really enjoyed working out with him tonight. We definitely pushed ourselves harder than we would have had we been alone. So, when I can't move tomorrow, I am blaming him.

Mr. Spots had an interesting encounter with the sales person when he was signing up for his membership. The guy in his mid 20's asked Mr. Spots if he would like to sign up for the Black Membership which includes 1 free tanning session. Mr. Spots didn't say a word, he just pointed to his Melanoma t-shirt. The sales guy looks at the shirt and says, "I don't do the tanning. I am pre-med. Did you know Melanoma is the fastest growing cancer now?" Mr. Spots blurts out, "I like you."

Hey, it's not often that we have random strangers sharing melanoma statistics with us! It's usually the other way around.

After our intense work out session, we headed to the grocery store. Sure enough, the cashier Mr. Spots' t-shirt out loud, "Someone I love has.......What is melanoma?" Mr. Spots says, "A type of skin cancer." Conversation ends.

Today I learned how a t-shirt can educate and start conversations you do not expect. I guess I need to go order some more Melanoma t-shirts, huh?


Kisma said...

Love IT!!!!! Where do I get one?

Al said...

Feel free to visit zazzle.com/blackisthenewpink. :) I've not had the "grand opening" because I've ordered a couple of shirts to review to ensure the quality. But feel free to offer any input on the designs you see. It's in the early stages.

How appropriate that it's called the "Black Memebership"

Chelsea said...

I meant to blog about how appropriate the "Black Membership" is!!!! I forgot! I am going to check out the shirts now!

Chelsea said...

My best friend made them and sold them during a benefit for me last April! I may still have some left!

Katie Wilkes said...

Sign me up. I need a shirt, too!

RBS said...

always nice to pop in and see the positive influence you're having. Doing PT for the lymphedema in my right leg and have a great therapist. about a month ago I thought it was as good as it was going to get buy my rad onc called out of the blue and we had a great chat. he referred me and i'm seeing the ONLY lymphatic PT in Salem.

I'm going to have to get a bunch of those shirts, everyone here will want one. Faith, Love, Hope to you. The other Chelsea's dad

julie said...

I want some of those shirts. I do not see that style on zazzle. Can I order some for my family? we have had 7 melanomas in our immediate family............. :-(