Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am putting the finishing touches on my appearance, I am prancing around the hotel room practicing my speech,and I am trying to hold my anxiety to a minimum.

In other words, I'm freaking out.

Tonight is the night I address 300+ people at The Plaza who are there to support The Skin Cancer Foundation. I sincerely hope my personal experience allows them to see what living with melanoma is really like, and let's face it, I hope it causes them to write larger checks for such a worthy cause!

Now, I leave with you with the final words of my speech:

"When my insecurity about my scars becomes too much,
I remind myself what writer Chris Cleave wrote in his novel, Little Bee. 
He wrote, "I ask you right here, please, to agree with me
that a scar is never ugly.
That is what the scar makers want us to think.
But you and I,
we must make an agreement to defy them,
we must see all scars as beauty.
Because take it from me,
a scar does not form on the dying.
A scar means,
I survived."


Todd Sullivan said...

Good luck Chelsea...you are gonna do great!

Sarah said...

I'm sure you will do a wonderful job and everyone in that room will be moved by your story. Best of luck!

Sarah Hartley said...

First, I hope that you're currently kicking ass in your speech- second I looooove the ending to it!! And third, totally dying over your dress. I can't wait to hear about how it went!!

Niamh said...

That's beautiful - best wishes!

Lisa Hanley said...

I hope you had a wonderful evening! Based on reading your words on your blog, I bet you are pretty amazing in person too :-)

Monica said...

What a great way to end a speech! Good luck I am sure you will do great :)

Rebecca said...

I just stumbled upon your site. I was diagnosed with Melanoma a month ago. I was scared for my life and wa sin mourning of the future I imagined that was now in jeopardy. I refused to google, refused to research anything. I didn't want to know. I went to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to meet with the surgeon and had my surgery last friday. Yesterday, she said it had not spread. Thank Jesus! So the day after I am researching. I'm still scared but had no idea about ANY of this information. I am so happy to come upon your blog. I want to get involved to help others. I was very lucky for right now and am educated to keep on top of it. But the fear of god will never leave me. I cried every day for the last month and I only had to deal with almost the bare minimum of what this disease does. I'm still learning, still googling. I want to inform and help any way I can. I will pray hard for you and everyone else fighting this and other cancer. The "C" word was bad before but after facing the possibility of internal ca -I feel like I had no idea what it did to people, their friends and their families. Thanks for your site. Your dedication to help others.

Martha Hokenson said...

Messy Dirty Hair sent me back over here to poke around a bit...I missed this post when it first went up but I LOVE that quote! It's so perfect and very fitting. Keep rocking with your awesome blog!