Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Red Carpet Paleness

Sometimes I feel like we need to defend our pale skin. I explain reasons for why it's far prettier than the tan glow that so many desire. (Cough No-Tan-Is-A-Healthy-Tan!) However, reading the celebrity magazines about the Oscars this week made me realize that Hollywood is noticing how beautiful pale really is!

Amanda Seyfried

anne hathaway oscars 2013 red carpet 02
Anne Hathaway

Naomi Watts

Jennifer Lawrence (My favorite! She's so REAL!)

Even Jennifer Aniston looked far less tan than she normally does:


The women looked fabulous and healthy, don't you agree?!


Unknown said...

so many gorgeous, tanless, ladies!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful. It just isn't worth risking melanoma for the sake of vanity.

Charlie's Mommy (Beth) said...

I completely agree..Can't forget about good ole Nicole Kidman!!

Martha Hokenson said...

I have always thought that the ladies who embrace their natural skin tone look much prettier than the ones who tan. For one thing, it's super obvious that they're not really that tan. Second, a lot of them (Lea Michelle springs to mind) look orange. And third...wrinkles! Eww!