Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day Two

...of Melanoma Awareness Month!

Did you all see this article on Miles Against Melanoma's Facebook page? It shows a picture of a beautiful young lady named Linzi Rector. I'm not sure who wrote the article, but I've reread it many times since yesterday. I have to share this part with you:

"A lot of people look at cancer as a battle that is to be fought and won. But Linzi didn’t lose to melanoma. Linzi had the heart and mind of a runner. Melanoma was a race for her to run. And maybe she didn’t finish the race the way she wanted to, but she finished with her head held high, giving it everything she had. Determined. Focused. Strong."


Go read the article.



Unknown said...

That broke my heart. What an amazing woman!!

elizabeth said...

Thank you Chelsea for recommending Linzi's story. Her attitude towards fighting this terrible beast was as incredible as is yours. Your story needs to have a very different ending and I feel it will!! Oh, and congrats on your engagement!