Monday, June 23, 2014

"Super SPF: Showing Your Children How To Stay Safe In The Sun."

It's summer. When kids aren't playing X-BOX, their handheld devices, or watching Netflix, they are typically outside enjoying the wonderful weather. (Oh how times have changed...!! We were never inside during the summer months!! Teaching your children that there is more to sun protection than lathering on sunscreen once a day is extremely important. So how do you explain it all to them? This infographic will definitely help!

I think that the more we discuss sun protection with our kids, the more likely they will to remind us and others about the need for sun protection. For example, I took my little family to Kings Dominion the other weekend for a little Father's Day getaway. Y'all know I'm all about some sunscreen. We all stopped to reapply every 90 minutes. Who was reminding me before I suggested it was time to apply? My stepson. Why? Because we talk about the need for it.

How come the little kid roller coasters are scarier to me than the adult ones?!
Holy whip lash!
 PS) He was wearing a hat too, he's currently sitting on it here.

While you're browsing online I do encourage you to check out Skinfo! The graphic above really is great and I believe it's easy for kids to understand all the different key elements to correct sun protection. Skinfo also has sunscreen and sun protective clothing items available. Check 'em out and let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Great entry. Thank you for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, thank you for sharing your story! I was just told by my doctor today that melanoma cells were found in a mole I had removed last week. After searching online for more information I learned disheartening news that you know all too well- that melanoma is the most aggressive skin cancer. How scary! I will pray for your healing, safety and that you feel peace and joy in the process :) What I noticed online is that there is a good prognosis "if caught early" but they don't say how soon is soon enough? How early do you think is necessary when one discovers a questionable mole? Thanks for any thoughts you can offer!