Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mr. Spots & the City!

Since today is a special day for Mr. Spots--graduation!!--I figured I would share some pictures of our quick trip to NYC last weekend. He had never been before so we were so excited to show around our other home. (I mean, is becoming that!)

Because of our late start, we arrived to New Jersey around 6 PM. Mom, yet again, found us a great deal at The Westin. It is probably my favorite hotel. It was beautiful. The rooms were gorgeous. And the beds were heavenly...or maybe I was just THAT tired. 

We took the subway over to Herald Square with no problem. We explored Macy's, and headed over to Time's Square. You have to go to Time's Square at night! The lights...unbelievable! 

We then walked over to Rockefeller Center. I joked that I wanted to go ice skating, but the rink is gone! I guess I should have is spring time! It was beautiful with all of the tables.

Mr. Spots has a slight obsession with Lego's so we walked over to the Lego store. Unfortunately, they were closed! 

As it was getting late, we decided to cut our site seeing short, grab a cab, and head over to Serendipity. I have been talking about the Frozen Hot Chocolate's since my first trip to MSK. As always, the cab rides in NYC are exciting...

And we ended evening with the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate....

Yum. Yum. Yum.


Kate said...

What a fun adventure!! I want one of those Frozen Hot Chocolates now. Thanks for sharing the photos :)

Chelsea said...

They are so delicious! :-)