Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't Lose Hope.

I was talking to my Grand Mother today when she mentioned that my Great Uncle sent her an article for me to read. He believed that I would find it encouraging. I randomly (or not so randomly, I guess, because what else do I do when I am bored?) logged onto Facebook and one of my fellow melanoma warriors had the article posted to her page.

It discusses a woman from Virginia who was told she only had 6-8 months to live, but due to the recent progression with clinical drugs for melanoma, she is still here. Of course she is not cured of melanoma, but the drug has given her a life again.

Read article here:

I chuckled when I read that the president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology said, "“Being a melanoma doctor is not unlike being a Chicago Cubs fan." I know many of my doctors would agree. It is obviously frustrating to them to see such a deadly disease remain incurable. BUT, thanks to all of the researchers, volunteers, and doctors, progress is happening! The president said, " “This is a sea change for the melanoma guys.” A sea of change that we so desperately need.

My Great Uncle was right about the article, by the way, it encouraged me. Slowly, there are becoming more options for us melanoma warriors whereas there used to be only 2.

Protect your skin, friends.

And my dear melanoma warriors, don't give up the fight.

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