Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cold = Success

That was quite the cold I had! It kicked me in the butt

One week later, I am finally feeling more like myself. The week of true downtime was very appreciated though. I believe I slept and watched more TV in the last week than I have in a very long time. Even after surgery, I was the little busy bee. I maybe took an hour nap a day, but that was it. No wonder I got sick, huh?

What did I learn from the the icky cold?

The movie Yogi Bear is much more funny for adults than children. I gigged...a lot.

The series Brothers & Sisters has me addicted.

Secretariat was much better than I even expected. Diane Lane is always a wonderful actress Although Mr. Spots was displeased with my decision to watch "another chick flick" he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Due Date was not nearly as funny as I had hoped for.

Country Song...I am glad I watched it. The ending left me with odd feelings. I think it was an accurate look at what happens to a lot of famous stars.

How Do You Know? I could have done without seeing it. I love Reese Witherspoon but even being drugged on cold medicine could not make that movie interesting.

So, yeah...lots of sleeping & tv watching took place this week. I needed it.

I have some exciting news to write about later; however, I need a nap! ;-) I guess my body got used to sleeping a lot this week.

Write soon.

And remember--as I will discuss in upcoming post this afternoon--May begins Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Wear sunscreen. Cancel your tanning membership. Encourage someone else to stop tanning. Wear big fabulous hats. Check your moles. Lather your babies in sunscreen! (Don't forget about your ears and toes when applying sunscreen!) Enjoy big, mysterious sunglasses because, yep, melanoma can be in your eye! Enjoy the sun...safely.

 Your skin is your body's largest organ---protect it.

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