Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Where I Come From"

There is a small island located about 10 minutes from my house called Chincoteague Island. Every July, the Saltwater Cowboys swim the wild ponies from Assateague Island over to Chincoteague. For locals, this day is a holiday. It is not just a big event for us here on the Shore. Oddly enough, this event attracts thousands of people to our little island. It was on CNN last year....!(See article here or visit

By the way, let me be very clear to those concerned about the well being of the horses. They are very well taken care of. Your horse should be jealous of these horses. ;-)

If you would like to know more about the famous horse Misty of Chincoteague--Check out this website here:
If you would like to purchase a book--the elementary schools out in Blacksburg, VA, have their children read it--click here. 

Since being out in this hot sunshine all day is pretty much against my new lifestyle, I skipped the pony swim this year. Although it is a lot of fun, I think I will wait until my niece is old enough to enjoy it or I have babies. Instead, I am having a hot date with my 4 year old niece tonight. I am taking her over to the carnival grounds to see the ponies! I am sure I will get talked into doing other things at the carnival as well. Lulu does not have to ask me twice...She is a kiddo who loves animals. I totally predict that she will at least consider becoming a vet many years from now. Mark my words!

I get to enjoy the ponies, my niece, and the local holiday all while being sun safe. Sounds good to me!

Off to spoil the niece!


sherene said...

Wow that is so fun:))
It took me 3 days to read ur blog, you are the bravest woman I've known. You have a perfect spirit, and I am so inspired for ur thoughts and advocacy.
Take care:))

Anonymous said...

Love your writings! I have been to Chinogteaque! Do the ponies leave on their own? Keep up the good fight - have my own 6 month CT scan coming up because of lung nodules and 3 mild Melanomas
in 2009. Charlene from Florida