Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

"Even if it is just a category one,
a huge, huge impact is expected."
 ~The Weather Channel

I know, I know. If you are from Florida or somewhere used to experiecing hurricanes you will think us folks on the East Coast are being dramatic in our preparations for Hurricane Irene. However, if you suddenly got hit with a minor snow storm, I am sure you would be in a panic as well. Anywho.

Since the Eastern Shore lacks a news channel that actually mentions us often in their coverage, I wanted to use this blog to post links for people in Accomack County to view.

Mandatory Evacuation for Accomack County

A List of Available Shelters

Live Radar of the Eastern Shore

Don't forget to buy plenty of water, food, batteries, gas up your car, and get CASH! Remember, we tend to lose power during a minor thunderstorm. Because of that, expect to lose power. Y'all know we flood easily. Prepare for it. Move your cars to higher land. If you are being advised to evacuate, do so. Don't make more work for the emergency departments than necessary. Oh, and please do not forget about your furry friends! They need protection too.

Right now it looks like Hurricane Irene will have surge & wave threats 4-8 feet above ground level on Delmarva. Let's be safe.

Hopefully Irene will just go out to sea & we will have an uneventful weekend. Positive thoughts! ;-)

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Brittany said...

Praying for all of you! And don't forget to take your pets too!!