Friday, August 5, 2011

Melanoma Family

Next time you find yourself heading to an imaging center for scans, bring a friend. It makes the seriousness of the appointment less scary, it makes the drink less disgusting, and it makes you laugh!

This is my friend Julie, a fellow melanoma warrior. Although we have been sharing our lives through text messages, emails, and facebook, we had never met in person. Today Julie ran up to me like I was her long lost sister. There is a remarkable bond that forms between people going through this craziness called Cancer. We shared our latest adventures, made fun of ourselves, and laughed. I think it is safe to say that we both needed each other today. Love you, Julie! (And your Mom & Boyfriend! Poor guy didn't get to get two words into the conversation thanks to us ladies!)

 When the very cute technician requested I take another sip of my scan juice, I gave him an evil look. He said, "I know...People always look at me like that!" I said, "Well, if they would make it a tiny less disgusting, maybe we wouldn't all be tempted to puke every time we drink it." He said, "If it tasted good, you wouldn't be in a hospital..." I simply said, "None of us want to be in a hospital." He was very sweet though....Even if he did make me take TWO more sips of that nasty juice.

I am not feeling very strong tonight. I have some stuff in my personal life causing my heartache (surprise, surprise, right?) and my stomach is VERY unhappy today. If it does not get better, I have a feeling I will spend most of the night in the bathroom. Oh, the joys of scan days....

I hate the feeling of fear around scan time. I get very jumpy, bitter, and sad. I would admit to being extremely selfish around this time, too. I am just scared.............I know that I need to be brave & think positive thoughts, but it. is. hard.

Instead of fighting the fear, beating myself up, I am letting myself give in to this fear. Tomorrow I will put on my happy face, positive smile, and go face the day.

I will post the results tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

I just saw your post.. (I was also taking alittle break from the big "M" this weekend) I LOVED IT OF COURSE.. just like I love everything u write!!