Monday, August 15, 2011

Tans ARE Tacky

Hi friends. I have been pretty ill since yesterday, not much energy for an update. I just wanted to post a link to this article that was first posted in 2008. It was republished recently.

Tan Is The New Tacky

The author, Verena von Pfetten, makes a pretty good argument...Let's put our health concerns aside for a minute. Fashion wise, tans are SO out. Look at the models, the people we see on, the singers your children look up to. (Hello Taylor Swift! She is super pale! Perfect!)  Unless "tan" is part of their natural skin tone, you do not see it on the Most Beautiful creatures. (Read another great article about this here.) I think, for the sake of fashion--because that is the only way some folks will pay attention--we need to retire the fake and bake lifestyle.

So, c'mon friends, "say it with me, people: Tans are Tacky!"


Kate said...

Agreed -- Tans are super tacky. So sorry you're not feeling well :(

Brittany said...

Great articles!! I totally agree!

Kate said...

Hi Chelsea,
Came across this today and thought of you!