Thursday, September 6, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me... would know that peanut butter is my real enemy. Like, I won't even kiss Mr. Spots if he eats it'd know that I am ridiculously close to my family and talk to them numerous times a week (day!) would know that I still miss carefree days on the beach.'d know that Jimmy Buffett placed his hat on my head during his performance of "Fins" and all I could do was smile at him, wait a few seconds, and then start screaming. would know that I am always reading something. would know better than to climb into bed next to me wearing socks. Ah!'d know that I am a celebrity gossip whore.
       ----but I don't watch TV. (Minus the season of American Idol that included Phillip Phillips!) would know that I am really indecisive about major decisions--including what to eat for dinner.'d know that I say I am indecisive but it tends to tick me off when things don't go how I think they are going to go in my head. (I'm a woman, what do you expect?!) would know that I once wanted to move to St. John, USVI, and I actually thought it would happen. would know that my family calls me their little monkey.  (Apparently I look/looked like one?)
   and I have been given a picture of a monkey in a beautiful frame by my sissy.
   You know, a self-portrait.'d know that I used to be madly in love with Kenny Chesney, but now his tan just turns me off. would know that I joke (or not joke?) about wanting to get married in Las Vegas.'d know that I cry when friends who have died from melanoma pop up on my Facebook feed. would know that I think the show Honey Boo Boo is sad and embarrassing. would know that I secretly want to be a nurse; however, the idea of sticking someone with a needle freaks me the heck out. would know that I used to say I would never join a sorority, then I did, and I loved it.'d know that I absolutely loved my years being a waitress and it taught me more than many of the college classes I took. (And---I miss that $$$!) Tip your servers! would know that I get asked "Chelsea, like Chelsea Clinton?" at least twice a week. would know that I once said "If I have to get cancer, let it be skin cancer." (And this, my friends, is why I am here to educate all the other young uneducated girls.)'d know that I once almost burned my apartment down all due to a damn taco shell. would know that I think The Skin Cancer Foundation rocks and if they ever open an office in VA, I'm applying.'d know that when I get shy or uncomfortable, I stop talking. would know that I'm a sucker for a man and a guitar.'d know that Snooki is my example of what is wrong with our country. would know that if you slam the door in my face, I'm going to loudly say, "THANK YOU!" would know that my boyfriend brings out the silly girl in me.'d know that I have the smallest bladder and get out of bed a minimum of once per night. would know I have a habit of hanging on to things (and people!) that are bad for me.'d know that I seriously adore people I have never met in person and consider some of them my closest friends. (Hi, Mole Mates!) would know it's 9:30 and it's my bedtime.

Happy Friday Eve! XOXO

(Thanks Aly for the inspiration for tonight's blog!)


Erin May said...

awe cute :) Miss ya lady! said...

Love you, Chelsea! And we have one of several things in common or I wouldn't be up at 2:04 a.m.! :) Why am I looking at the computer on this nightly excursion- because sometimes it's hard to fall back asleep (Fibromyalgia) even tho I know I need to get back to bed & try.
Thank you for everything you do to bring awareness!!

Kisma said...

awe.. what great post! And I share your feeling on Kenny Chesney.

Sandra said...

We have several things in common (including a melanoma diagnosis) which is probably why I have been following you for the last two and a half years. You are doing marvelous work and I am constantly inspired by your dedication!

Chelsea said...


Thank you for keeping up with me! I really do appreciate it!