Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ryan Reynolds Asks "Know What's Hot?"

Who doesn't love Ryan Reynolds? 
He's funny, he's charming, 
and let's admit it, he's gosh darn gorgeous!

And now he's speaking out about melanoma.

 Ryan Reynolds asks, 
"Know what's hot? It isn't melanoma."

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***A huge thank you to Style Network and Ryan Reynolds for sharing this important message.


Kisma said...

When I find a way to tag on this site, I will do it. I saw your post about this on FB and not only posted it on my own page, but also linked it up to my blog. Thank you for sharing and I hope your are having a wonderful weekend!!

Chef Bafo said...

Great guy (like I know him). He DID just get married only a few miles from my house though, lol.

Alli.Clark said...

As I am laying on the couch recovering from my surgery on my own melanoma (right on top of my achellis tendon) I see the Ryan Reynolds commercial. Does anyone know where I can get a copy to share it?