Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Choice, Google.

Today I received an email from my friend John that was titled "You are not going to be happy." John is a fellow melanoma warrior who always gives me pieces of advice I may not want (but need) to hear. He has a way of reading between the lines and understanding what I am really saying. I appreciate it. When I received his latest email, I didn't know what to expect. I saw the picture before I read his message:

While he was reading my latest blog post, this was the Google Ad that was posted. I realize that Google bases the ads on the material I write about; however, promoting tanning beds is basically the opposite of what I am doing with this blog. Like I'd ever suggest receiving your source of vitamin D through a tanning bed. Take a freaking pill. Getting a "glowing tan" from a tanning bed? You definitely won't hear me suggest getting a tan ANY type of way. Oh, and the "Anti-Wrinkles" description? It actually made me laugh out loud. Girls in their 20's who have tanned for a few years look much older than what they are. I can pretty much promise you that a tanning bed will help age you...quickly.

So, if you were like John and saw the tanning bed ad posted on my blog, please forgive Google for their mistake.

Cool kids don't support tanning bed use. Are you a cool kid, too?

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