Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I can't really remember life before the internet. Sure, I kind of remember how exciting it was to have dial-up in our own home, but honestly, it seems like it has been around forever. Thanks to the internet, spreading awareness for important (and not-so-important) causes is much easier than before.

I came across this great video yesterday. Before I watched the video I saw that it was directed by Whitley of Jackass. I've seen Jackass for all of 10 minutes before I realized it wasn't my type of thing, so I was a bit surprised with how much the video amused me.

Watch Video Here

Luckily, I haven't had a skin check in the middle of New York City, but the video definitely brought back some memories. Awkwardly posing while a nurse takes pictures of my moles? Done. Being stripped down in just a barely there robe while the doctor awkwardly tells you to lift this arm and that two, and searches through my scalp to make sure there is no hidden melanoma anywhere? Done. Knowing that "Skin Cancer Takes Friends?" Done. Bottom line: Get checked. It only takes a few minutes and it will provide you with a few giggles, I promise. (Right, Tammy?!!)

I also came across this article yesterday. It discusses what you should tell teens when talking to them about the dangers of tanning. As I have discussed with my friend Laura, threatening cancer will not be enough to make teenagers think twice about tanning. Letting them know how ugly their scars will be after a skin cancer scare will hit home. No one--especially teenagers--want to be "ugly." Like the article says, "Now I'm sure that you don't fake bake, since you do not have the time or inclination to splay your bikini-ed body in front of blinding lights in some claustrophobic capsule housed in a strip mall . . but your teenage daughter or son might." Talk to them.

Another great thing happened in the melanoma world yesterday. "AIM at Melanoma, the largest international foundation dedicated to melanoma research and patient advocacy, announced today the California Senate approved and sent to Governor Jerry Brown, Senate Bill 746, which would ban children under 18 from using indoor tanning beds." This is WONDERFUL! If this passes, teenagers, regardless of their parents, will not be allowed to use tanning beds. The way I see it, folks can't legally buy their smokes until they are 18 and they are known to cause cancer. Why should tanning be allowed? This makes me extremely happy. I hope other states follow in California's footsteps.

I posted all 3 of these items on my personal Facebook page. I am sure I annoy some people by my constant preachin' about the dangers of skin cancer and tanning; however, I continue to see people bragging about their tanning bed loving ways. I also see a lot of young parents posting pictures of their SUPER sunburned children. Maybe, just maybe, one of these articles that I post will encourage them to think twice.

And hey, if I annoy them with a cause that is important to me, maybe they should delete me anyway! ;-)

Happy Wednesday! XO

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Anonymous said...

Chelsea, that is AWESOME! I hope every state adopts this law. Have you thought about trying to partner up with some of the high schools in our area to talk about this, say around, December/January? Right around the time that these teens start tanning? I bet you would really hit home to a lot of these kids.