Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear 2012

Sometimes someone else says something so well that I do not need to post anything except a link to the blog and a quote from the amazing post. This time it comes from my friend Becca.

"2012 I won't ask for much, just let me live and enjoy every minute. Let me laugh, let me show love to others, let me feel the sun on my face without fear.

And if anything bad should happen...

Let me FIGHT."
~Becca C.

She read my mind.


Becca said...

I am humbled. Thank you Chels. :)

Michael Moyer said...

Dear Chelsea,

I got your blog from a young lady named Christy who works at Annie Moore’s in Roanoke. We got into a discussion about skin cancer and how easily I knocked mine out and then she told me about you.

I just wanted to let you know you how easily you can get rid of this disease (naturally). I had serious basal cell on my face and doctor cut it out on my forehead and then it really spread. I used Laetrile and attacked the cancer from the inside. It kills cancer, all kinds, no exceptions. I ordered everything on line and treated myself and used my herbalist as a back-up. She helped me with my diet and modified my treatment. I knocked it out in about a 1 ½ months and never had a problem after that (4 years now).

I always suggested to people in the past to do the Laetrile (B-17 Metabolic Therapy) and use Evelyn (my herbalist) as a back-up. Now I realize she knows more so I suggest to see her first and use Laetrile as a back-up. I spent $3,000.00 for the treatment of Laetrile and well worth it. But she could have knocked the cancer out with a lot less cost.

Just go to and tells you everything. How Laetrile works, why it works, has all the links to order the pills, gives you a program to go on, etc., etc.

But I strongly suggest you go to Evelyn Hoose in Daleville, VA. She is an herbalist and Iridologist. She has the best credentials of all: she had terminal cancer and doctors told her she was going to die. She went to a doctor who was an herbalist and Iridologist who cured her with diet, herbs and vitamins. She started feeling better in 4 months and got rid of the cancer in 4 years. That was approx. 12 years ago. Now she helps people with cancer.

Her address is:

Evelyn Hoose
281 Catawba Road
Daleville, VA 24083

Mike Moyer from Roanoke, VA