Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The stomach flu has hit our home. Since Saturday evening we have been a sickly bunch. I'm talking fevers, vomit, and well, you know...It has not been fun. Mr. Spots went to work today and has completely lost his fever, but I am still here in bed. My stomach is still rejecting all food; however, NO FEVER! This is progress.

If I had not been surrounded by people with the flu, I would question if this illness was related to Yervoy. I have experienced night sweats every night (fever related, I'm sure), the never-ending diarrhea, the joint pain, the fevers, and also this mysterious rash...It is again on the same place on my stomach as it was a couple of weeks ago. I haven't used any new products and I've only been wearing PJ's so there has not been anything rubbing, but still...there's the rash. It's making me scratch my head.

I am continuing to lose strength in my hands. Gatorade has never been easy for me to open, but it is actually impossible for me these days. Water bottles are difficult to open and I visibly struggle with them. I do not like it. In fact, it scares me.

Anyway, enough complaining. I would rather battle the flu bug OR side effects from a miracle drug than experience some of the things my Molemates are experiencing right now. I don't know how some of these folks gather their strength despite their battles, but they do, and they amaze me.

While I go catch up on some rest & try to hydrate myself again, I ask you to check out these blogs written by my friends. They each hit home with me.

Black is the New Pink
Hotel Melanoma

Have a happy Tuesday. Be sure to wash your hands...you don't want to catch this flu bug!


Rich McDonald said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Have you ever tried an ice-cold chocolate Boost? That stuff kept me alive between biochemo treatments. Take care.

Kate said...

Oh no! I hope you kick this flu bug very SOOOOON! Sorry to hear you've been feeling so lousy. Take care and rest up.

Unknown said...


I've been searching around the internet tonight. A very dear friend of mine learned last week that her husband has metastatic melanoma. They have 4 sons, 3 of whom have type 1 diabetes.

We connected via our blogs about 3 years ago, because we both have kids with T1D...it's blossomed into a beautiful friendship...and I'm heartbroken over the news.

Anyway, we're praying for a miracle. This Sunday we're asking people to pray and fast on behalf of Ryan.

You can read her story here...

I feel like I'm on this journey with her. Trying to find resources and places where she can connect once this initial phase of auto-pilot shuts off. Anyway, thank for your blog.

God bless.