Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tanning Bed Gossip

Tanning salon owners are not having an easy go of it lately. Folks are spreading the dangers of tanning beds in all kinds of different places. We have an article on a famous magazine's website, states are trying to pass bills that will prevent teens from visiting tanning salons, and top modeling agencies in Australia have a strict 'zero-tolerance' policy on the use of tanning beds. I am sure it sucks to be a tanning salon owner right now. For us in the melanoma world, this is progress!

Cosmo recently published an article about the lies that tanning salons will spread. Oh, it is interesting... It discusses a survey that was conducted where 300 salons over the country were visited. 90% of the salons visited said that tanning beds would not harm your health. 51% of the salons said that tanning beds did not raise your risk for tanning salons. It is unbelievable to me that tanning salons get away with such lies, but I'm sure tobacco factors got away with it a few years ago too. Read more of the article here:

Maryland and West Virginia are becoming very close to passing a bill that will prevent teenagers from using tanning beds. Woo hoo! If the state regulated this, how many lives will be saved?! I know that some people argue that parents should control what their children are allowed to do. Parents should be involved enough with their children to know that tanning isn't safe for their JV cheerleaders, future movie stars, and little divas. Then you hear reports like this one that shows that some children need to be protected from the parents. Idaho is trying to pass a law that will keep minors from visiting tanning salons. In obvious protest against this law, Colleen Skaar, a owner of 2 salons has spoken out. Skaar believes that folks in Idaho do not receive enough Vitamin D to keep their "bones healthy." Skaar is so willing to put all of her confidence into the safety of tanning beds that she began a tanning regimen for her 4 year old grandson.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Oh, oh, oh...Colleen Skaar also reminds folks, Dr. Oz supports tanning beds.


The more that the media talks about tanning bed dangers, the more people will begin to question just how safe those beds are.

Keep talkin', folks, keep talking.


mom2cuddlebugz said...

Find the article where Dr Oz rebutes what he said and send it to that news station that Skaar chick stated he endorses indoor tanning!

Chelsea said...

Oh! AWESOME idea!!!!!!!!!

Kisma said...

Great post!!! I work in an office full of tanning bed junkies and I have to simple sit and smile at them. Each of them knows the risks...

As a mother of two and battle skin cancer for 10 years now, my kids are well aware of the dangers and how to protect themselves.

Kristen said...

i just found your blog and found myself captivated by your story. you are "every" girl. every girl who thinks it will never happen to them. i want you to go on a speaking tour and yell from the mountaintops about this. i wonder how can we get you out there on college campuses, at panhel meetings and in front of these girls in person?

have you heard of they have a series called "it happened to me" and i think you story is exactly what they're looking for.

i think you're wonderful and spirited and i'm proud of you for being so vocal about your disease.


Chelsea said...

I Don't know how to get me out there, but I would be honored to do it!

I am going to look into I have not heard about it before.

Thank you so much for your comment, Kristen! It made my day!