Monday, May 21, 2012

Dr. Oz Strikes Again.

We spent our gorgeous Saturday at a local wine fest covered in sunscreen and fabulous hats! While browsing the vendors prior to sipping the wine, I was stopped by a gentleman selling some pill that is supposed to be the cancer miracle drug. The man began listing all of the cancers and he mentions skin cancer. Of course, I could not stay silent.

Me: "Huh. That's interesting. I have stage III melanoma."
Him: "You did?"
Me: "I do."
Him: "Well, of course it does not cure cancer, but it decreases your chances of getting it. Dr. Oz recommends it."
Me: "Dr. Oz also recommends tanning beds."

And I went to enjoy my wine.


RBS said...

had the same thing happen on Friday whenI had the front windows in the Tundra tinted. got a CD and 2 books to read too........This guy has been tinting windows for 25 years and does a great job but has no money set aside for retirement, must not sell mnay secret water machines..

Vikram Singh said...

I wish people would stop treating Dr. Oz's words like they are straight from god. Sheesh. Wine festival looks like fun. Thanks for sharing