Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Barbie on Good Morning America?

Did you see Good Morning America today? If not, let me give you a rundown. Two young girls, early and mid-twenties discuss how they are addicted to tanning. One little lady, who already resembles a leather couch, states that "If you told me that I have skin cancer I don't think I would stop," she said. "Scrape it off and keep going."

Yes, she would keep tanning despite having skin cancer.

Now...I think you know why this pisses me off. I, too, thought that skin cancer was just something that a doctor could cut out and then I would be fine. I hope I was not ignorant enough to think I could continue to damage my skin after having a skin cancer scare. This young girl, my own age, says that, "When you see someone who is tan, you are like, wow, amazing." She mentions Burt Reynolds, Barbie, and Pamela Anderson. (Do I even need to touch that issue?)

If you can fight your own anger and annoyance with these girls, there is a great discussion afterwards with Robin and Dr. Jennifer Ashton. The first thing that Dr. Ashton addresses if Ms. Paytas comment that you can scrape off skin cancer and keep going. She says, "it's life or death." Oh, don't we know...

Please watch and share this. Let young girls SEE how unattractive this tan actually is!


Karen said...

Yeah that's gross. Good thing they don't have melanoma in the later stage. How could they cope with the lovely scars?

tnmtneedlemaven said...

For those FEW who truly have an addiction to tanning as the Doc said, they should seek therapy. Everyone else, Embrace the Pale.

eerye70 said...

Seriously, if they were lucky they would have the type of cancer to scrape off. Ignorant as so many but working at a tanning salon will haunt her one day. Sad.