Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Sweeter Words

Like always, I needed a break after my trip to NYC and the news of our friends who passed away. I get so anxious, nervous, and down right grumpy before my trips to Sloan Kettering that I usually need a break from melanoma when I return to Virginia. After I heard about Brett, David, and Steve, I really needed to take a step back and appreciate the life that I am living.

I must not take this beautiful life for granted. 

Speaking of beautiful life....I will finally share some of the photos from our most recent trip to New York City!

We began our trip by attending The Comedy Cellar
where we were able to see Louis C. K. and Aziz Ansari!

Then we went to The Empire State Building around midnight.
but super crowded.

We strolled along The High Line

and visited the 9/11 Memorial (and preview.)

Rockefeller Center was fully decorated 
for the 4th of July!

We strolled around Grand Central Station


I was a good patient during my last infusion!

It was a wonderful trip with my mom and Mr. Spots. The trip, of course, was made sweeter by hearing the reassuring words from my oncologist, "Scans are fine." 

There are no sweeter words when speaking to a cancer patient that those.

I may have some exciting news to share with you all in the near future. My campaign against melanoma is still in full attack!

Stay tuned!


Kate said...

What a great trip. So nice to be able to mix having fun with the dreaded scan! Looking forward to learning about your big news!

Melissa S. said...

So glad to see you had such a wonderful trip! You deserved it!

Kisma said...

Thanks for sharing and look forward to the future good news!