Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bright Lights, Big stories

Today I had to do something I was dreading. Although I have desperately wanted a new job simply because I'm 25 and in need of a true career, I was dreading letting people know I accepted the job. Today I had to have the conversation with my current employer as to why I am leaving them in 3 weeks to go to my new job. There were tears on both sides. I work with and for awesome people. I will truly miss them and I'm quite certain the feeling is mutual. Bottom line, I felt like I was breaking up with a guy I "love" but am not "in love" with anymore. It made for an emotionally draining day. 

The plus side to this super blah day was that I had an interview with a super sweet gal from our local WSLS Channel 10 to discuss how this little blog has really taken off in the last year and a half. It was so great chatting with Lindsey and I truly appreciate her allowing me the opportunity to share my story. Even better, she said she's going to make her husband see a dermatologist since he plays golf quite often. Yay! The interview will air tomorrow night at 6 and 7 pm. If there is a link available, I will post it. 

Disclaimer: You will have to excuse me for looking tired in the interview. The kiddo was up at 4 am with a bad coughing fit, and I was wide awake at 5 plus an emotional morning at work all probably equals to me looking a hot mess, but oh well. I still told my story, right?

Now...I must find a way to talk to the teenagers in this area.

That's a goal for another day. 

Right now, it's bedtime! I'm beat! 

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Kisma said...

I recently did this very thing in regards to leaving a wonderdul work place, but sadly wish the place I went to was better. I am finding it isn't and I am still waiting for - "the call" for the place that is.

Did that make sense?

Anyway, you looked fine and please share with me your ideas about talking to teenagers and tanning. Have you considered visiting schools in your local area??