Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tanning While Pregnant?

I'm confused, you guys. Now I know I'm not a mom, nor will I be for quite a few years, but didn't you moms worry about more important things during your pregnancy than tanning your skin? I already know the answer from most of you! Maybe you worried about things like the need for doing everything you could do to make sure your child is as healthy as possible. Maybe you worried about the need for vitamin D.

Did you turn to a tanning bed--especially while pregnant--to get it?

Thanks to the author of Hotel Melanoma, it was brought to my attention that the Indoor Tanning Association is indirectly implying that tanning while pregnant may not be such a bad idea. While the ITA DOES NOT SUGGEST pregnant women use tanning beds, they did share this article discussing the need for vitamin D for brain development of unborn babies on their website.

Do you think people will see this and assume tanning is safe for pregnant ladies? Although the article is on their website, do you believe people would care more about the safety of their unborn baby than a tan? I used to think so. 

Then this happened. 

So needless to say, my faith in the sanity of some future mothers was challenged. 

Instead of falling in the trap, I hope those pregnant ladies seek other options for their source of vitamin D.  While considering options, I encourage you to check out this interesting article about indoor tanning and vitamin D.

Hell, even Snooki stopped tanning while pregnant.

(Sorry, Snooki. You are my go-to for the tanning crap. You're far more beautiful without the fake and bake tan!)

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Unknown said...

I know women that tanned while pregnant but you couldn't catch me near a tanning salon. I opted for L'Oreal Sunless Tanning lotion instead... mixed it in with my moisturizer just to give me a little color. Worked like a charm :)

Brook said...

I used to tan once a week and then since me and my fiance are trying to conceive I have completely stopped and actually don't feel the need to. Yeah I hate my pale skin but if I really want to look tan I will buy some slow bronzing lotion to have a glow to my skin. After reading your story and other stories, I am terrified of stepping into a tanning bed! Now if I am outside, I throw on at least SPF 8, sometimes 50 depending on the sun and how hot it is so that I don't burn. I am anal when I am pregnant, I wouldn't even eat chocolate when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter let alone I never thought of stepping near a tanning salon!!

JenniferE said...

I don't even know where to start...I like to say my oldest son saved my life. I tanned regularly until I found out I was pregnant with him. I'll be honest & say I did miss my tan at first. I felt blah & fat and wasn't used to being pale. No way did I consider stepping into the tanning bed. I asked my midwife about self-tanners & she shared my concern over possible chemicals in those. So, I put my big girl panties on & got used to being pale. (I think there are safer, more natural tanners out now, btw.) After having my son, again, as a new mom trying to get my body image back & craving "me time," I did go tan once or twice...It just did NOT feel "right." Something about being a mom & responsible for someone besides myself allowed all the warnings I ignored in the past sink in. I never went to a tanning salon again. Little did I know, the damage already done would lead to a stage I melanoma 3 yrs later. Just think how much worse it might be had I continued to tan during those years. Stay out of the tanning beds so you can be around for your babies & get your vitamin D from a good quality supplement! And yes, sadly, I do think some will use the tanning association article as an excuse to go tan. :(

Rich McDonald said...

Great post. ITA leaves me, almost, speechless. And who is this Snooki person anyway?