Friday, September 7, 2012

Stand UP.

"In my world, the hero always defeats the villain, 
the boy always gets the girl, 
and cancer is no more." -Laura Ziskin

"I don't even think about me passing away. 
But if I do, I'm taking my Legos with me!"
-Justin Miller

My inspiration tonight came from every single person honored on that show; but I have to admit, I kind of jumped up and down, and then immediately started crying when the beautiful Hillary Quinn Kind was introduced.
"I'll join that trial, I will take that risk."
        -Hillary Quinn Kind, 
Stage 4 Melanoma.
When Hillary asked how long she would have if she stopped treatment, the oncologist asked, "How much time would you want?" Hillary said she would like a year. There was silence.
Hillary said, "So, not that long?" The oncologist admitted she did not believe beautiful Hilary would have another year.
  And then I started sobbing.
  "I just keep going,  
keep fighting, 
something good will come of it."
 Donate. Kiss your loved ones. Go to the darn doctor. 
Stand Up To Cancer.


scot said...

I watched the show. Thanks to people like you and Hillary sharing their fight with melanoma . Melanoma is being talked about more when Cancer is talked about. I also saw your interview with the local news station.


Kisma said...

I am so glad you got to watch an amazing show!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for tuning in and supporting the fight.
-friend of the Kind family

Aunie said...

amazing... chelsea you're so brave! every day you make me smile :)