Saturday, September 22, 2012

We Race For Susan

Today my mom, my baby sister, and I participated in a local 5K to raise money for The American Cancer Society and Every Woman's Life, Fired Up For A Cure. We ran in honor of a woman we just adore who is beginning her battle with breast cancer. 

We Run For Susan.

The event was a success. While the overall goal was to raise awareness and money for breast cancer, all cancers were honored thanks to this awesome firetruck from Chesapeake, VA.

(And Melanoma was represented!)

Besides my minor annoyance over the tanning sessions that were included in a raffle prize, the event was great. Seriously, why raffle off an item that leads to cancer at a cancer event? *Rolling eyes.*  One day people will get it that tanning is dangerous.

(Hopefully they will get it before they actually get it!)

Crossing the Finish Line
(Oh, I took off 4 minutes from my first 5K!
I finished in 37 minutes.
Not bad for my 2nd time...)

My mom is a rock star
and placed 3rd in her age group!
Go Mom! So proud!

 Mom won a prize, just like Susan will!

 Racing for my Canadian friend
who has been such a support system
to my mom throughout my journey with melanoma.
Now, it's our time to support her.



Ali said...

Such a great thing!
But a tanning package, really?
No common sense!

Unknown said...

wow raffling of a tanning session, I would love to run a race with my mom how much fun and for such a great cause!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Chelsea good on you! Well done love. And isn't your Mum just amazing!!!!
All my best wishes to your dear friend who is embarking on her battle.
Who can believe 'tanning sessions' are part of the raffle prizes?! Oh dear.....
Thanks for your email, I've just become a Follower so I don't miss your posts anymore. I can find NO Melanoma personal blogs in Australia so I have turned to my overseas friends for that special bond and link. I have joined a few of your blogs now and you are ALL totally amazing people.

caitlin said...

this is awesome! good for you girl :) so glad i came across your blog! its lovely!

Kristen Victoria said...

I've been wanting to volunteer for one of these races... mostly because I can't really run unless someone is chasing me! Congrats on your time! I can't believe they were raffling off tanning sessions?? *face palm*