Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Second Thanksgiving

Like many of you, I have a new perspective on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving isn't held on one day in the crisp month of November. No sir. Thanksgiving is every day of every year. How do you sum up what you're thankful for in just a few words? Although I tried to do so last year, I can't. It's as simple and as complicated as this: I'm thankful to live a happy and healthy life surrounded by incredible people.

This year I feel like I need to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support. I started this blog in February 2011 at the suggestion of my mom. Nervously, I posted it to my Facebook, and boy, it took off. You read, you commented, and you shared. Now just a year and 8 months later, this little diary of mine has been viewed 285,035 times. I wanted to share my story my hopes of changing minds about tanning and the need for sun protection. Because of YOU, I am accomplishing my goal. Thank you.

This was a gift from my new friend Donna! (Appropriate for today's posting, yes?) Donna had this in her RV on Saturday and my sister and I both commented on it. What arrived at my doorstep yesterday? This. One for me and one for my sister. Did I mention how truly blessed we are to have made such a great new friend?  I am so excited about seeing her again next week!

Alright, friends, get off the computer and go spend time with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Danielle said...

Love all those quotes! I'm thankful for your lovely blog... Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal Gill said...

Love it! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :-)

Unknown said...

I just found you from AunieSauce! I had surgery for basal cell carcinoma in September. While it does not compare to what you've been through, it did prompt me to begin speaking out about skin cancer and prevention. I hope you have a wonderful week. Excited to be a new follower. :)