Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 Years

"But understand this: my commitment to living in the now means
 I'll never ever say that I've beaten cancer. 
To do so would be living in the "tomorrow," if you will, 
and melanoma is far too erratic an opponent to go around making predictions. 
But I can tell you for sure that I'll never give in to it.
 Life is too precious to give it up 
without giving everything you've got -- now." 
Dr. Jack Ramsay.

 This is how I'll pretend I spent my 2 year Cancerversary
but really.......

 If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I was pretty ill last week. Low grade fevers, horrible night sweats, and odd facial/scalp swelling. I followed up with my local oncologist who basically said my body is fighting something (duh) we just don't really know what. He mentioned the shingles virus or side effects from the latest ipi/placebo treatment.  I don't know, but it really took its toll on me last week. Needless to say, I postponed celebrating!

I was shocked when my sweet boyfriend surprised me with this:

I was just sitting on the couch, typing the blog I posted Wednesday night when Mr. Spots handed me a little black box. I said, "What's this?" He told me to open it. I was caught off guard because I had told him I wanted a quiet night, doing exactly what we had planned on doing the day when our lives changed. He said, "It's your 2 year!" Ah, I love him.

Then, the next day, I was on the couch nursing my illness when someone knocked on the door. The flower delivery girl said, "You don't look like you feel good."  Actually, I felt a lot better than I did 2 years ago after hearing those words for the first time.... Anyway, she brought some beautiful flowers from my baby sister that put a huge smile on my face.

The card reads:
"Here's to 80 more...Love you to the moon!"

I am one lucky gal to have so many great people on my side. That includes all of you! Don't think that I slept through your many messages. It was so nice to wake up from my naps to see kind words from you guys. Thank you. You helped make my day so special.

Tomorrow morning I go for the ultrasound that The Wizard, my Sloan Kettering oncologist, asked I get after my latest scan results showed that a cyst on my left ovary has grown from 3.0 to 4.1 cm in less than 3 months. I will see the gyno directly after the scan so I should know something before most of you even get to work! :-) Fingers crossed it is absolutely nothing but an annoying cyst!

Look for an update soon! Have a great week, my friends.


Hopeful said...

Hi Chelsea,

Congrats on your long, hard fight! Here's to many more. Glad you have such a wonderful boyfriend and I'm sure the flowers didn't hurt either! I look forward to your update and hope you feel and get better very soon. I'm caring for someone in your situation and I sooo believe!! Have a blessed day.

Vicki said...

Happy anniversary ... may you continue to be healthy, happy and as courageous as ever! xoxo

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!! YAY so happy for you and pray that you continue to stay cancer free!!

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Chanting "nothing but a cyst, nothing but a cyst!" So gad you are surrounded with love.Can't beat that-well, I know NOT having to deal with the whole situation would be better.But in the absence of that miracle, i'm glad that at least, you're not doing it without support.

sherene said...

Everything will be okay:)

Sarah said...

This is an amazing milestone! I'm so glad you are feeling better, and fingers crossed everything goes well with your scan. You are a brave woman. Your sister is's to the next 80.

Mission Melanoma said...

I left a comment for you on the article from Sept with this quote in it in Everday Health!!