Saturday, January 5, 2013

Celebrities, Social Media & Both Sides of Tanning

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and online blogs, we tend to learn more about our favorite celebrities than any US Weekly magazine could ever hope to tell us. The best part? We learn a lot of things from the celebrities themselves!

Case in point...

It appears as though Miranda feels she needs to be tan in order to be tour ready. I fully believe that Miranda Lambert was not surprised at the 1,086 people to comment on one of her latest posts on Facebook. However, I doubt that she expected that out of those 1,086 people, the majority of them explained to Miranda why she should stay clear of the coffin-like beds. Although she hasn't responded, I'm hoping she at least saw one of the many comments and will consider the damage she's doing to herself. At the very least, I hope her fans who believe tanning is safe saw the many comments!

On the flip side...

Last night I was browsing my Facebook feed and saw a post from my favorite author Emily Giffin. Did you read Something Borrowed, Something Blue, or Heart of the Matter? She's a great author! If you follow her on Facebook and Twitter, you know how hilarious she is as well. What caught my attention last night was her tan so I decided to post on her page and ask if she tans or uses spray tans. I was pleasantly surprised--and super excited--to see that she actually responded to my question!

My favorite author only spray tans.
She doesn't even tan in the sunshine without sunscreen!

Oh, and she thinks our awareness campaign is great:

....and then my day was complete.

My favorite author tweeted me, retweeted me and responded to my Facebook question!

EeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeKKKKKK!!! (Yes, I give you permission to make fun of me now.)

Anyway, in the last few days I have seen 2 celebrities take totally different stands on tanning. 

I think I know which side I'm on! 


Martha Hokenson said...

I hate to say this and sound like a bit of a beeyotch, but...Miranda, Miranda. This is the sort of celebrity incident that makes me groan, because people fawn over how "wonderful" she is and she doesn't seem to realize that she needs to be a better role model for young women! On a better note, after seeing your post I went to FB and Twitter to follow Emily. You're right, she is hilarious! Now I plan to go look for her books at the library.

Sarah said...

That's awesome! And a testament to the difference you are making.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say - I have been reading your blog for a while now and I am truly inspired by you girl! Your willingness to tell your incredible story is incredibly uplifting! I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have such a wonderful advocate for knowledge!!!
I used to tan (all.the.time) - even for warmth in the winter (gross...) and it is amazing to see you stand up against it!!! I am with you!!!
Just wanted to let you know - keep kicking melanoma's ass!
Annnnddd....Emily Giffin is my ABSOLUTE favorite too.

Hiness58 said...

Dang tanning bed ad on your site!!!!!

Hiness58 said...

I still can't believe they put a Wolff Tanning bed ad on your BLOG page!!!!!

gayle said...

I would have totally been psyched as well. I was retweeted a couple of times by someone I didn't expect AT ALL, and it totally made my day. :)

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

gayle said...

Also, I just noticed I'm not the only one seeing a tanning bed ad on your site. Weird.