Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello Again!

Oh my gosh! This is the longest I've gone without posting. Did you think I had forgotten about you? I've been preoccupied with traveling to family functions, wedding planning, and T-Ball!  I hope you've been keeping up with me on Facebook & Twitter because I have shared some great things!

I headed to Cambridge, Maryland earlier this month to be the guest speaker at Choptank's Trot for Melanoma. It was an emotional experience for me because last year I attended the walk in order to meet my molemate Lynette.

This year I spoke of Lynette and her journey on Earth which ended in December 2012. While I tried, I couldn't get through my speech without tears. I miss her and her positive attitude. (While I haven't uploaded the speech yet, here is an article about the trot.) It was such a pleasure to hug Mike, Lynette's husband, and spend some time with him. Bryan and I had such a great time meeting them last year...It was a hard day for me, but not nearly as emotional as it had to have been for Mike. 

2013's Cambridge Trot for Melanoma

Another great thing that has happened this Melanoma Awareness Month. One of my favorite molemates shared her experience with stage IV melanoma and she had our mutual oncologist in on it too! Please watch and share this great video!

What's new with you all? Everyone happy and healthy? I sincerely hope so! 


Rose ~ from Oz said...

A very poignant post Chelsea thanks for sharing. I was wondering what you'd been up to and where you'd been!

Erin May said...

Thanks for sharing the story :) hope to see you when you're up next time!

Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

I was wondering how you have been! I loved when you sponsored me and listening to your story. Hope everything is okay. xo