Monday, May 6, 2013

Melanoma Monday

I have to say,  Melanoma Monday was once again successful! Yes, there was a color war going on, but people talked about Melanoma. That's the most important thing! Talking leads to awareness. Awareness leads to early detection and prevention!

Here a few important things that happened today:

* Yahoo shared a great article about Melanoma

* Melanoma Girl shares her story!

* FDA considers attaching warning labels to tanning beds!

* And a big announcement: "Earlier today, in honor of melanoma Monday, L’Oreal Paris announced that over the next three years they will donate over $750,000 to Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) to fund the new L’Oreal Paris-MRA Team Science Award, led by internationally renowned cancer researcher Dr. Meenhard Herlyn, to research ways to help prevent, cure and treat melanoma. They have also kicked off a campaign encouraging people to test their “Skin IQ” and reminding people that “skin cancer doesn’t care what color your skin is.” (Source.)

Yep, I think it was a great Melanoma Monday!


Katie Wilkes said...

all great news! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea- I had a co-worker talk about going tanning and, alarmed, I showed her your blog (which I had previously found my way to) and found her some self-tanning samples and bronzer I happened to have at home. Your excellent work reached her, especially since she was convinced because she was a brunette with brown eyes she had very little chance of developing melanoma. You are so courageous and have done more good than you will ever know! Hopefully she will spread the word to her friends and so on and so on! Best wishes for your wedding and future.