Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Isn't It Ironic?

 "Chelsea, having met you and followed you, I have no question that you would accomplish many things. But isn't it ironic that the one thing that threatened your very existence (melanoma) and continues to haunt you in many ways has also played a part in guiding you to the most incredible experiences? The Gala last year...being featured on Headline News...and now meeting two celebrities because melanoma guided you to New York. I think karma is really blessing you...rewarding you for taking your scary cancer experiences and helping others deal with it, fight it, and hopefully avoid it."
-My Friend, the author of

Al's message keeps repeating in my head.

We all look at our cancer as such a horrible thing--and it is--but it has given me the best years of my life!

This trip to NY was no exception: NO EVIDENCE of Melanoma! I immediately felt so much relief when my oncologist gave me the news. Melanoma has played such a role in our relationship that I really didn't want her to show her ugly face during our special wedding day. I feel especially thankful. 2 weeks and 2 days!!!

Wednesday night after my scans, we headed to America's Got Talent to catch the show! It was so cool to see how live TV is filmed. What was really cool was meeting Mrs. Heidi Klum after the show! She is absolutely beautiful and spent a lot of time making sure everyone had autographs and pictures! Super sweet.

I love Heidi for the work she did with Marc Jacobs'

I was sitting in the waiting room 2 and 1/2 hours after my scheduled chemo time when I began browsing Facebook. My Facebook friend Susan mentioned something about being in NY so I asked her if she was in town at MSK. Oddly enough, she was in the same waiting room as I was, just on the opposite side!

I love getting to hug my online friends!
Please send well wishes to her husband as he begins a new treatment!
Hope to see you two again soon!

 And then we almost got kicked out of the chemo suite.

I've mentioned Julie to you all a lot, she's not a stranger to this blog, and it is always such a pleasure to see her and her mom. I'm quite certain that I laughed during every single 90 minute sitting in that chemo chair. Julie and her mom Jackie have been such a blessing to us. Ladies, we need to plan our vacation!

While I was waiting for treatment I noticed that Giada De Laurentiis tweeted that she was going to be at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square for a book signing. I had to go. I didn't get to thank Heidi for the work she did to raise awareness for melanoma, but I had a new opportunity to thank another celebrity, so I wanted to take it! Giada's brother Dino died when he was 31 from melanoma, and this year, she shared his story in a PSA. (View the PSA.)

Giada was very sweet! I introduced myself, told her that I, too, have melanoma, and how sorry I was for her brother's loss. Then I thanked Giada from the entire melanoma community for sharing her brother's battle with the public. She agrees that more awareness is needed. Who knows, maybe she'll help raise awareness in another way soon! 

It was such a whirlwind of a trip! I was so relieved to leave the city with good news and the opportunity to focus entirely on my upcoming wedding. I do feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

So, yes. Melanoma continues to haunt me, but it continues to give me some of the most rewarding experiences that I could have never imagined. I just needed my friend Al to remind me.

"And isn't it ironic, don't ya think?"



Anonymous said...

So glad you have a clear scan! Keep smiling it keeps others smiling!

Strong Steph said...

Sweet irony...

Unknown said... well as the cliché that something good always comes out of a bad event...look at how much good you have done and all the people you have inspired, educated, and reached.

I'm one of 'em! Thanks for all you do. So glad that you are staying healthy.

Wishing you all the best in the coming weeks as you approach your big day! So exciting!!!