Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Updated Scar Pictures!

As a friendly reminder
for you to wear your sunscreen,
I am posting updated pictures
of my scars.

Although they are still not attractive,
or painless,
I am healing!

Both of my neck scars are looking good!
Yes, you can see them,
but it does not immediately draw
your attention unless you
know my situation.
I am still VERY numb.

Minus the bruising, my left arpit is looking pretty good!
It kind of resembles a scratch.
Visible evidence that Dr. Pink
is outstanding!

Mom did not take a picture of my right arm.
It looks a little worse, more swollen.
However, that doesn't show well in pictures.

There's no missing this baby!
It has become more red and tender
over the last few days...
Definitely need to keep an eye on it.

With all of the bull crap on the news about
 tanning beds
I thought I would share
a friendly reminder
that skin cancer is much more
than the removal of a mole.

Oh...just wait until you see my next surgery pictures...
You will
drench yourself in sunscreen!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this! I think this is a great way to promote the use of sunscreen, Chelsea! You're right - many people do think it's only the removal of a mole. Hopefully this message gets across to thousands of people and more.

Definitely keep an eye on that last one to make sure it's not getting infected. Hope the numbness & pain starts to go away soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a 27 year old female that was diagnosed with melanoma last year. I have a pretty nasty scar on my leg from surgery, if you want to add it I'll gladly send you a picture! People (including myself, pre-cancer) don't realize how important sunscreen is!

Chata480 said...

TRUE THAT!!!! I was diagnosed 3 years ago with stage 3 melanoma on my calf... I now have a chunk of leg missing a little bit larger than a softball. I call it my shark bite. Most people dont recognize melanoma as being a "real" cancer. One of the most painful things I have ever gone through, and still is. From a small mole I will have chronic pain in my leg. Good for you showing what "just a mole" can do.