Saturday, March 26, 2011

I am baaaaaaaaack!

Hi everyone! I wanted to personally write a little update to let everyone know how I am. (please forgive me for the mistakes...I will blame it on autocorrect and the pain medicine!)

My surgery was on Thursday, March 24th. I arrived at the hospital at noon and they wasted no time getting me changed and prepped. That took all of twenty minutes so then we were forced to wait...and wait...and wait. Luckily they let my family stay with me so it was Mom, my Step Dad, my Step Mom, Dad, and Cara in the holding cell. By this time I was starving and thirsty so the main conversation was about food. Of course.

As I keep mentioning the staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering is outstanding. They are all so friendly, but not in that fake way...As the aide was helping me prepare for surgery, she said a quick prayer that this will be my last surgery. Amen!

The surgery itself was more successful than I could have hoped. Both Dr. Glinda and Dr. Adorable were able to preserve the nerves that allow me to lift my arms, etc. I am extremely grateful for them. They are both so excellent in terms of their knowledge and their ability to bond with their patients. Their staff checks on me throughout the day, the doctors come by to chat, I never feel neglected.

As I was waking up in the recovery room, Dr. Adorable came by, held my hand, and said I was fantastic and he is so relieved we did the operation.

Dr. Glinda has been just as great. She came by this afternoon and ended up sitting on the bed chatting with me, helping me milk my drains (sounds dirty) and simply talking with me for a good 15 minutes. She shared her complete joy about Ipi being FDA approved yesterday. I believe she had tears in her eyes while discussing the drug. The approval of that is major! No drug has been approved for treatment of melanoma in YEARS. This could be the drug that allows my fellow warriors to live many more years. To see Dr. Glinda so visibly touched by this made me very relieved I have her on my side.

Tonight I am in the hospital room alone. My roommate, a very quiet older woman, was discharged this evening. Although she could not speak English, she stopped by to have my Step Father tell me she wishes me luck. I wish the best to her. She was the best roommate I could have had.

One thing I have learned about hospitals is that there is no time for modesty. Dr. Glinda's staff came in this morning to remove the bandage under my arm. I barely had enough time to stand before it was snap, snap, snap! I was suddenly exposed from the shoulders down. Trying to distract myself from the two very handsome doctors, I started to discuss my "jersey shore spray tan." Whatever they used the prep my body from surgery is intense! Of course the topic only made them pay more attention to my very naked skin but whatever... Life would be boring without awkward moments!!

I want to thank everyone for all of the support! I never feel alone with all of you in my corner.

Now... It is time for me to get some beauty sleep. Did I mention my night nurse looks like Avery from Grey's Anatomy? Oh la la!

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Tina Sullivan said...

It is so good to "hear your voice" and it is wonderful how positive you sound! You go girl! You are one strong woman and I am SO happy to hear how well the surgery went. You will remain in my prayers.

I know how hard it is to get some good ZZZs in the hospital with all the poking and proding, but I hope that tonight you get some rest!