Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Can't Save The World...

The other day I read a facebook status about the dangers of tanning. Someone commented that she was not going to worry about the dangers...that she wanted to look hot while she can.

Now I know  I can not save the world.

I realize there are going to be some people who hear my story, roll their eyes, and just *know* this can never happen to them. But I can't help but feel anger towards this stranger and her ignorance. I know I should not judge her, she doesn't know me, I am just someone who read a pretty stupid comment she left on someone elses facebook.

(Yes, I am taking facebook too seriously right now...But it is evidence how little people think about the seriousness of tanning.)

Here is my question---if you have to be 18 to work on giving yourself lung cancer, why can you tan at 15?


Enough Cancer talk. I need to get out of the house today and clear my head.

Happy Saturday. XO


Unknown said...

You are struggling today my precious girl. cant save the world. But you are promoting awareness and making others THINK about the dangers of tanning. And if you prevent just one young person from having to receive a melanoma diagnosis, then you have accomplished what you set out to do. I continue to be humbled and very proud of your strength and courage. But always know that when you need to let go..need that soft place to land..i am here to catch you.

Rich McDonald said...

Chelsea, for whatever it's worth, I think you're doing a great service by telling your story-- maybe, just maybe, you'll keep some people from checking into the Hotel Melanoma. You have a whole lot more credibility than some old boomer like me. Take care.

mylittlemini said...

Chelsea, I copied your "Did You Know" information and sent it to my 40 year old fitness instructor at the gym (telling her about the post coming from a beautiful 23 yr old). She has been using the tanning room there. She genuinely thanked me and said it's not worth it. She knew about my brother but the fact that you are 23 shocked her. You have influence: go for it! Rev Nancy

Chelsea said...

Thank you all for the support. As you can see, yesterday was a "down" day for me. If I save one person from going through this...well, that's better than saving no one at all.

Rev. Nancy, I loved that you shared the post! Some of those facts were shocking.

LiSa said...

Hi Chelsea! I too am a melanoma fighter... It is quite a battle. I love your blog and admire your strength and determination!! I posted your blog as a link on mine... Hope you don't mind. My blog is Its all about my journey through healing cancer naturally. Together all of us fighters will get the word out about the seriousness of cancer and hopefully make a dent in the beliefs of others. ;) I wish you nothing but the best and will be on touch for sure!!

Lisa Formato

Chelsea said...

Lisa, I have actually been keeping up to date on your blog. Like others, sometimes I have the bad habit of being a "silent" reader. I love that you found my blog and have been reading it. I find it very interesting to share experiences with other Warriors especially...We can all learn from each other.

I wish YOU nothing but the best and hope to talk again soon.