Friday, May 6, 2011

Answered Prayers

Thursday morning, after 4 hours of sleep (because who sleeps during scan week, really?!) Mom and I jumped in the car and started zooming towards New York City. Because of my early morning appointments we stayed in the City instead of New Jersey. I got to see my favorite doorman. He gave me a kiss on my cheek, asked how I have been feeling, and seemed amazed that I look so healthy. I guess the last time he saw me, I did have drains coming out of me...He looked me up and down, looked confused, and said, "you look perfect!" Yay! I don't look like the dirty (hello, 4 days not being allowed to shower...) girl with multiple drains coming out of her. Improvement!

Because of Mom's awesome City driving skills, we made it to the City a little after 1:00, and decided to jump on the subway to go down to the World Trade Center. I knew President Obama had been down there earlier, and I had heard Anderson Cooper had been broadcasting, so I was a bit nosy. Really, I wanted to see the Silver Fox in action.

lots of news crews!
Sadly, I didn't see Anderson...

 Down near World Trade Center.

I bought a sun safety hat.
Do you have your hat ready?!!
 Cool Converse display!


It should come as no surprise that the library
is one of my absolute favorite places in the City.

After 6 hours walking around the City, exploring Soho a little more, etc, Mom & I headed back to the hotel. We were both exhausted. I have to admit, if you need to clear your head, head to New York City. I felt a lot better last night than I had yesterday morning. The City is the perfect distraction!

There used to be early mornings where I would get home around 6:00. 
In following the trend of my "party girl" life style, I had to be at Memorial Sloan Kettering at 7:40 this morning for my cherry flavored cocktail. Yum, yum. I used my college skills and chugged down the delicious drink in about 20 minutes. Go me! (If anyone feels the urge to invent a scan juice that is not disgusting, all of us will appreciate it.)

While waiting to go back for my scan, there was an older gentleman beginning to drink his cocktail. He was probably in his 70's, from Greece, could not speak very good English, was scheduled for a scan then chemo, but he was happy. He was smiling, laughing, and enjoying the time with his family.  You know I have a weakness for cute old men, but he won my heart. Seeing his positive attitude made me relax. It is all about the attitude...

After my CT Scan & Brain MRI, I rushed over to the Outpatient Center for the meeting with The Wizard's Research Nurse. The Wizard walked in to "say hi" and gave me the scan results...


And to answer the question that was finally asked (I guess things were too serious the last time I had the brain MRI...) Yes, they found my brain! And despite some of my questionable decisions, it works!
I am still Stage III. Who could have imagined I would be thrilled over that? But, I am!

All of the prayers you have sent me have paid off! I am beyond grateful. The Wizard said this appointment is what he compares to a wellness visit for babies. I told him I would be thrilled if we can continue to have many more "wellness appointments."

I still have to have another scan on Monday to verify that my neck is all A-OK, but I am going to stay positive. It has been working so far.

This weekend is dedicated to family, love, and friends. Mom, my Step-Dad, and Mr. Spots and I are heading back to NYC on Sunday. Mr. Spots has never been so I am so excited to experience his first trip with him.

Since this Sunday is Mother's Day, I want to say--and I will say it again--I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing Mom. She may not agree with every decision I make, but she always supports me. I have made some world class mistakes, but she is always there to pick up the pieces. Mom & I have always been close, but melanoma has brought us closer. It has allowed me to spend more time with her than I have in the last 5 1/2 years. Some would say spending 24/7 with their parents would drive them insane...And yes, sometimes we get on each others nerves...We wouldn't be human if we didn't drive each other nuts occasionally! 
I am only 24, I am still young, but Mom has let me take full control over my medical care. She gives me information, provides me with research to support her feelings towards something, but she makes it clear that any decision regarding my health is ultimately up to me. She may not be the one receiving surgery, she may not be the person feeling the needles in her arms, but I know this melanoma crap affects her just as much as it does me--just in another way. As other mother's tell me, you can't replace the relationship a mother & daughter have. I feel very blessed to be able to call my Mom my very best friend.

I think the caregivers of Cancer Patients
deserve a special reward...
They are the ones that tell us we're beautiful--drains & all,
the ones who help us shower when it's absolutely impossible,
the ones who drive us back and forth to appointments,
the ones who celebrate each good lab report,
and holds us when it all becomes too much.
The caregivers are the ones who 
give up their own lives
to guarantee we have a chance of living

Thank you, Momma.
I love the moon & back.


Al said...

Whoo hoo! Great news! Crossed fingers and prayers for your Monday scan. :)

Tim said...

Chelsea - Thrilled to hear your scan went well! Congrats! I'm keeping the positive thoughts flowing through your followup scan on Monday!

(If you're ever offered the "Mocha" flavored scan juice, scream and run away... quickly... I'm a coffee lover, but that stuff had to have been the worst taste experience of my life! I took one sip of it, looked at my radio-technician and whined "what did I ever do to you to make you hate me THIS much?!!)

Chelsea said...

Thanks, Al! I still don't know any results.

Tim, "Mocha" flavored scan juice sounds DISGUSTING! Oh my...What DID you do to them?! ;-)