Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"To Good Health."

2011 Seafood Fest,
Chincoteague, VA

Saturday was such a fun day. There is this annual festival on our little Island that allows friends & family to get together, drink adult beverages, dance to the tunes, and eat pounds of seafood. Boy, we did all of the above! (Notice...I was sun safe---big hat & all!)

It was so nice to see some old friendly faces. Before being diagnosed with melanoma, I rarely made the trip home to see anyone except my family and closest friends. It had been years since I had seen some of the folks I got to see on Saturday. I also got to meet a lot of new people! My Gran introduced me to one lovely lady who reads my blog at work each day. (I would mention you by name but I don't want to get you in trouble with the boss!) I had to giggle when she called the boyfriend Mr. Spots! It is a great reward knowing people read what I randomly type. ;-)

I also met another gorgeous lady who owns a hair salon in Maryland. She told me the great news that she is installing a spray tan system instead of tanning beds! Woo hoo! Think about all the people she is keeping out of a tanning bed! 

Then there was another lady who told me that due to my situation, she is "orange" thanks to the spray tan, but she has not stepped foot in the tanning bed! Hey, I am all for orange! Orange means fake tan...fake tan means no increased risk of melanoma! 

I loved hearing all of the stories about how people are learning from my experience. We are making a difference...finally!

It was definitely a day where we all let our hair down. I think we had been tense, worried about what the latest scans would show, but once The Wizard said everything looked good, it was the perfect excuse to celebrate! 

...And celebrate we did.

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Rich McDonald said...

Chelsea, glad you enjoyed a day of rest and recreation. Best wishes on your upcoming trial; I'm so glad you chose Door No. 3 and my thoughts and prayers will be with you.