Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's Talk Sunscreen...

It seems like every time someone lectures about the benefits of sunscreen, another person will argue that the potentially harmful chemicals in sunscreen do not outweigh the protection that the lotions provide you with. Today The Skin Cancer Foundation posted this great article which breaks down why they believe sunscreen is worth it.

Have you noticed that when something becomes a popular topic--and skin cancer has been more popular lately--people want to show both sides. The news has covered great advances in skin cancer lately: the approval of Yervoy, the new FDA rules for sunscreen, and more advertisement on the damages of tanning beds and sunburns. Because we like to see both sides of situations, people are publishing information that claims sunscreen can be harmful, black people can't get skin cancer, etc, etc, etc. Even though I know that everyone--regardless of your skin tone--can get melanoma, some people believe these reports. What happens if people start to believe that sunscreen is unhealthy for you?

That is the biggest concern for The Skin Cancer Foundation right now. In their article, they write, "We are concerned that the criticisms will raise unnecessary fears and cause people to stop using sunscreen, doing their skin serious harm." I can see why this would be concerning for them. Since 1979 they have been dedicated to educating people on the best possible ways to prevent skin cancer. When melanoma becomes a part of your life, they strive to share information with you that can educate you, comfort you, and lead you in the best possible direction.

Oh, by the way, I am not writing this article about The Skin Cancer Foundation simply because I have an online Skype interview with them on Tuesday. ;-) I am writing it because they, along with Melanoma Research Foundation, truly impress me with their dedication to raising awareness.

So, look over the information. See what you feel more comfortable with. Decide for yourself if sunscreen is something you should use. Whatever you do, make sure you keep sunscreen on your children. They don't have a say in protecting themselves.

Rules of Sunscreen:

- Use an SPF of 15 or more.
- Apply 1 oz (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen every day.
- Reapply every 2 hours! AND after swimming or sweating a great deal.
- Stay out of the direct sunlight between the hours of 10 am--4 pm.
- Keep newborns out of the sun!
- Remember that some medications cause you to burn easily. (A lot of birth control pills...!!) Read the labeling. Take extra precautions.
- Again, women, you do a monthly boobie check, right? Check your skin, too!

You can prevent skin cancer. Why don'tcha try?


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