Wednesday, July 13, 2011

USA Soccer!

In honor of the USA ladies soccer team's victory today, I thought I would post the picture of my meeting with Christie Rampone. She was the guest of honor at the Sun Safety Expo at Grand Central Station in NYC back in the beginning of June. I actually met her directly following my neck biopsy...

I thanked her for using her name to help promote skin cancer awareness, and told her a quick "hey, I have stage III melanoma, your help is truly appreciated." She is a sweet lady, seemed a little caught off guard by me, but said she always wears sunscreen. She was going to let me wear her medals for the picture but since I just had the needle biopsy not even an hour before, I politely passed. I was already feeling sore! ;-)

Anyway--just a quick post to again thank Christie for being there, thank Melanoma Research Foundation for their continued effort in promoting skin cancer awareness & to say WOO HOO! USA! USA! USA!

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