Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Drama, Just Facts.

I realized I have been writing a lot about my emotional life & have said very little about my health. I figured I should post a quick update & let everyone know how things are going.

Pathology report from the mole removed last Friday: The results are in; however, the doctor is out of town until Monday. When I called today the receptionist told me that the results were in and a nurse would call me this afternoon. Well, the nurse called, informed me that she could not give me the results, and that I had to wait for the doctor to return on Monday. Annoying. I am not freaking out though. I am going to have faith that it was just an unusual mole. I mean, if it was melanoma, wouldn't the dermatologist inform my oncologist, even if he is on vacation? That is what I am telling myself. Regardless, I am glad it is off of me. Better to be safe than sorry.

Ipi World:  My taste buds are acting crazy again. I opened a diet coke today, excited for the first really cold sip. Instead of the refreshing taste I normally get, I was hit with an extremely metallic flat soda type of taste. Disgusting. Y'all know I love me some coffee...I was checking emails this morning, preparing for my day, when I took a sip of my beloved coffee. If my eyes had been closed I would have sworn it was warm water with a splash of milk. SO disappointing...(And yes, I realize a lot of people believe you should cut caffeine out of your system, but I just can't and will not do it. As my friend John said, "No caffeine is not human." I need caffeine these days otherwise you will find me sound asleep around 2 pm each day.)

I still feel like I have the flu...or maybe just a pretty bad hangover. I am tired, my muscles ache, and I have almost a constant headache. The pain in my neck/shoulder is returning again. It had gotten better for a few days, but the seat belt really bothered me today. I just took one of my pills so we will see how I feel tomorrow.

My stomach has actually been OK lately. I've had a few episodes that I won't describe, but it has not been as nearly as bad as I expected. In fact, it is better than it was after the first & second treatments. I'm starting to wonder if my tummy issues were associated with the drug or just a coincidence. I have started to get a little nausea though...Nausea is not welcomed here. I'd much rather get sick rather than feel sick. Ugh and ugh!

Honestly, I feel like I feel too good. To me, it is like a relief to feel like going out and doing things. But in the back of my mind, I wonder if feeling pretty decent is a sign that I am receiving the placebo. Either way, I know that this trial was the best decision for me because it has allowed me to 1) feel like I am making an active decision to keep the melanoma from spreading  2) it allows everyone to keep a close eye on me. If melanoma turns up elsewhere in my body, we will know almost immediately. That is a huge relief. And 3) Because people participate in these trials, there may be a well tolerated effective, scientifically proven preventive treatment available one day! How great would that be?

Melanoma is being mentioned more often these days! Thanks to those who alerted me of these sites.

I am still fighting with the insurance company regarding my blood work & neck biopsy, but hopefully after the phone call to them today, things will be handled properly.

Before I go to bed I want to thank everyone for their support on my 6th month melanoma anniversary. I don't think I can explain how much your comments mean to me. There are certain people who post the most intimate comments that make me know you really care & you really get it. I am forever grateful.

Now, I need to take myself to bed! Sweet dreams.

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Rich McDonald said...

Yikes, you shouldn't have to wait that long for pathology report results. (My dog's vet is quicker on this stuff than the medical profession, blog post coming.) But it seems to be standard procedure that the doc ordering the test has to see and release results before the patient is informed, so try not to read anything into the delay. It has to be rough not knowing for sure whether you're receiving Ipi. And I can sure understand your mixed emotions about how you're feeling. You don't want to feel ill, but then again you do because nasty side effects tell you that your body is responding to a treatment drug and not a placebo. Strange times you're living through! Take care.