Monday, October 10, 2011

California Girls

 ...under the age of 18 better accept that pale is the new tan.

On Sunday, October 9th, the melanoma world received great news. California banned use of tanning beds by minors. 

Prior to Governor Jerry Brown's decision, California minors between the ages of 14 and 17 were able to use tanning beds with the consent of their parents. Not anymore! Outlawed! Just like smoking!

AIM at Melanoma put a lot of work into getting this bill approved. Thanks to their determination, some teens will never step foot in a tanning salon, and hey, maybe if they do not use a tanning bed, maybe they will never hear those sickening words, "You have melanoma." Chances are high, I believe.

Hey, the rest of the United States, PAY ATTENTION! California, you are saving lives!


Kate said...

Hey Chelsea,
I caught the last half of a ridiculous show called Toddlers and Tiaras. In it the young pageant contestants (3 - 12) all do spray tanning to excess before their pageants, because, as one little girl put it "Tanning makes you so beautiful!" I thought of you immediately. Obviously the girls are not getting dangerous UV radiation, but they are being indoctrinated that tanning = beauty and that pale skin is "so ugly" as an older contestant said. teens / adults, this girls will most likely tan - scary stuff. Oh, and that's great news about California. I live in Florida (the sunshine state) and so many young girls tan in booths / beds here - it's crazy.

Kelsey said...

Proud to be a (PALE) California girl right now! Now let's just get the other 49 states on board :)